Quickee: The First 2 hours of Metroid Dead, Painting a Gundam, and Actual Writing Stuff

Metroid Dread: Anxiety-based Horror.

“Lets be real, Samus is seriously one bad@ss girl. That stance with this creature in her way says it all.”

While I haven’t played every Metroid game (like many franchises I love), there’s something horrific yet adventurous about the Metroid series. Playing through Super and 2, running around these desolate, alien world fighting pirates and causing genocide, I get invested in how the developers managed to create a living world with nothing but pixels. The isolation gives an eerie vibe: there’s no one there to guide you. You’re with these dangerous creatures in these caverns; this is there home. Now blow it up.

Traversing in these alien worlds is incredibly fluid. Everyone knows and talks about how industry breaking Super was, with its unique approach to platforming that allows players to really feel in control of the environment. What I love about the 2d Metroid games are any mistake I make is mine and not the game…eh, sometimes. It’s a challenge but once you get the hang of it, it’s a fun Sci-fi experience that rewards you for understanding how it works.

When I saw Dread, I was excited. For the first time in 15 years, a new 2d Metroid was coming. First impressions were what I fell in love with, the alien caverns with additional machine civilizations, while the introductions of the EMMI gave this horror-like vibe. After playing through the Metroid 2 remake, I felt prepared for what Nintendo and MercuryStream had to offer in this new installment. I even watched my brother play Metroid Fusion on his Wii U just to catch up on the story. I got the game Sunday and played the first 2 hours. So, what are my thoughts?

Terminator theme intensifies

I love that the game doesn’t hold your hand and ruin any future playthroughs. So many other games pause just to tell you how to press the A button. Not Metroid Dread. It respect your time and your intelligence while still teaching you the core fundamentals of its gameplay. Plus, it wasn’t very difficult to get the hang of things. Which is great, cause this game expects you to.

Perfection. Right away, the game immediately takes you to the start up screen. No introductory video telling you what’s coming; the game will speak for itself…as much as a small cartridge can. With the red foreboding planet in the background, you’ve become aware that this game will be different. This game is all about survival.

After the opening cutscene, the gameplay is more fluid than ever. Samus felt incredible to control. Every wall jump, slide, counter, and ledge climb was smooth, becoming a major improvement from the Metroid 2 remake. Nothing felt grating and nothing felt like conflict with the game, which made traversing ZDR a pleasurable experience. The game doesn’t just thrust you into the fire, since it made the first area an area to understand its mechanics. The good thing is that the tutorial didn’t halt any progression every minute. A screen appears at the bottom to tell the command, but you can still move around in real time.

“Showers haven’t been the same since the beeping and booping.”

The main draw of Dread are the EMMIs, research machines hacked by an unknown party to attack Samus. Like S-AX, or as I liked to call the Sax, this enemy chases you around and is an instant kill. The difference is that EMMIs are in select locations but these locations are within a majority of the map, so you’ll need to go into them several times to progress. I was terrified by this every moment I say their grid entrances. The execution of this mechanic was so good because I felt so helpless and I didn’t want to go in, but the game was like, “haha, get in their bitch!”

I don’t play a lot of horror games, so never before had a game make me take a break to catch my breath. It took a lot of intermediate mastery of movement and a lot of planning to avoid or manipulate the EMMIs movements to get through their territory, but the sheer panic I felt when they spot me supplemented a subtle fear of them. Nothing in these areas felt cheap, sometimes, and the EMMI’s A.I were surprisingly intelligent, though I could tell where their placed. Besides that, their movement is so organic in nature that it was as fluid as Samus. Plus, the game gave a little window to knock them off…but it’s very rare that it’ll happen. The mechanic was incredible and a joy to play. Once you hear their signature call, it’ll stick with you.

The animations and graphics were stellar, some of the best technical and artistic designs I’ve seen on the console. It’s the best looking game on the Switch, from the lighting of areas perfectly matching the environments to the way machines and creatures moved. There may be some stutter, like area transitions, but the game’s presentation is consistent and smooth like nice butter.

“Opening up Spotify…”

If there’s one thing I didn’t like, as of right now, are the constant cutscenes. Some were fine, like most of Adam’s speeches, and they were just as pretty as the game itself, but it got a little annoying when I wanted to play the game. Thankfully, after a few hours in, it gets toned down a bit. I will say, some of Adam’s dialogue repeated the same information over again, making them redundant. It clashed with the simple tutorials, plus many of the cutscenes were already visual clues on what to do. This might be since I’m used to Super and 2, where it’s non stop platforming goodness. The good thing is the cutscenes are skippable so repeat playthroughs can send you straight into the action.

Overall, the game was an incredible experience and is easily the best Switch game out now. I do know its on the short side, apparently clocking in at 9 hours, but it’s something to expect from the 2d Metroid games. I’m very excited for what’s to come towards the end and I recommend you play it for yourself. Metroid Dread proves once again that the best games are the one’s where it’s not just mashing the A button over and over again to win.

My First Painting Project: The Gundam Unicorn!

For another anxiety induced project, I’ve been trying to paint my HG Gundam Unicorn Destroy Mode for the past 2 months. And by painting I mean trying to get the right tools for it and having a mental breakdown.

The first step was decide on what to paint and, really, it wasn’t quite hard. Basically, my project consists of all the grey parts and the V-fin. I wanted to go for a darker look for the grey and a pristine and consistent look for the fin since the base fin ignores the Unicorn mode. These are the paints I chose:

“Yes, they are all lacquer and, yes, I don’t know what I’m doing.”

The idea was to make the Unicorn as realistic and anime accurate as I possibly can, while giving the figure better details. I had the idea of making the outside beautiful while making the inner frame dark like the Earth Federation in the show (no idea how taht’ll turn out). I used Gunpla markers first, but they were pretty flawed in execution due to their crustiness and the fact that the tips are easily breakable. After the death of my white marker, I decided that painting would give a better paint job. If only I knew the cost to such perfection.

The first issue came with budget. I am an unemployed poor dude. Getting the necessary tools came with so many risks that I wasn’t sure of what to do. I knew spending so much on supplies was a bad idea, but I was determined to make the kit as beautiful as possible. I mean, I spent $28 on it.

The next problem was research. I watched a lot of videos on how to paint, but a lot of them gave different responses. What tools I need, what it should look like, and how to actually paint. This culminated on my first try of painting…which was the next circle of hell. I didn’t know about dilution, which was surprisingly hard to find an answer, which meant that I wasn’t sure on how much I needed to thin the paint. All the pigments stayed in the container, which was a pain to get out because I didn’t own a paint stirrer and they kept spilling and drying on the canister. Is that why it’s called paint, because of the pain?

Then, the plastic ice cube container was a horrible idea because it couldn’t hold the paint or the paint thinner, and any paint that spilled due to the awful nature of the container tips meant I couldn’t have it hold other colors without it mixing. Plus, at a certain extent, the container had a indent on the sides that caused too much liquid to spill into another. The paint was getting everywhere as I tried to thin the paint as much as I could to get the milk consistency everyone was talking about (which I’m still not sure is what is needed from metallics). I didn’t know about buffering at the time, so I was confused as to how the paint should look on the plastic spoon. I also didn’t have a respirator mask, so the 3 hours of using the stuff meant that I probably caused some lung damage. Admittedly, I’m horrible at paying attention and having focus with the how-to tips (probably why I suck at writing), so by 3 am I only painted one part.

“I got this syringe thinking that it could be good to take out the paint. Poor bastard had no idea what was coming.”

My cheap and budget solution didn’t go well and now I’m stuck with Dark Iron that’s thinned to a point where I’m not sure if its correct or right, a syringe that being a b!tch to clean, and a bunch of supplies that might get melted if I clean with the thinner. I learned a lot the hard way and I’m now trying to comeback with a better mindset and more preparations. I’m hoping to get some bottles, a paint stirrer, and a good mask to do another attempt. For those who are clearly better than me, let me know in the comments any tips to be better or any complaints that I’m a dumb mother-

Writing Updates and My thoughts: The Struggle…

Remember how I was writing stuff? Yeah, me neither. Guess I just wanna discuss how cool second drafts can be since I’m in the process of rereading my first draft. Everyone says it but I’ll reiterate: second drafts are necessary. It’s common for many starting writers have this idea that the first draft has to be perfect. It’s not and reading it will prove it. It also proves how easy it is to slip into depression.

It’s terrifying to accept that our first execution was bad and hand our babies to others for criticism, but it’s something all writers have to do. I’m not perfect at it and you’re not perfect at it. Unless your a published writer, in which case please don’t hunt me down.

But second drafts are a way to improve upon the story and refine it before you inevitably have someone else read it. Some ideas may stick or not while others may lead to new and more expanded upon concepts that can with execution. I’ve definitely had some ups and downs with this, especially with how long I take with school on my shoulders, but it helps give ideas depth rather than seem like after thoughts.

Now, I wanted to give some tips that I’ve been learning to share with writers hoping to get better.

Realism vs Believability: I’ve been struggling with this a lot when I was doing more worldbuilding, despite my story being as unrealistic as possible. I think this fear comes from how, when there are story inconsistencies or bad writing, readers and viewers will go, “that doesn’t happen” or “that’s unrealistic.” I also see this from how they like it when something fictional can actually happen in the real world, and I found myself agreeing with shows like Gundam. Because of this, I feared that my story, no matter how fictional it was, has to somehow fit within the lines of reality. I blame my mind’s bloodlust for Youtube Comments. This, of course, is bull and stupid. Suspension of disbelief exists for a reason. A story, to be good, has to set itself up to be believable within the terms of its own world, such as explaining why kids can beat up a god, but also keeping in mind how people, if the story has humans, would react to a situation. Stories don’t have to be realistic to be good, but they have to stay consistent in their tone, characters, and world rules to be believable.

Backstory and Character Creation: Going in-depth into your own character helps give a story depth and create a character who’s believable and consistent. Now, not everything you write will make it to the page. But, it gives a better mindset into how to write this character, how they react to things or people. It also gives the readers their wants, needs, hobbies, likes, dislikes, and everything about them aside from the plot. A character should serve the plot, but the plot shouldn’t restrain the primary character. Minor characters are an exception, since not every character can reasonably have depth, but the main or important ones should have traits and characteristics so depth and consistent that they feel like real people instead of cardboard cut outs. It’s hard, but worth it.

Write Everything Down: One of my main drawbacks with Maladaptive Daydreaming is keeping everything in my head. Don’t do this, it’s not a good idea. Write stuff down so that way its physical and readable. Sometimes, the worst and best ideas show themselves in actual words instead of our generalized, malleable brains.

Villains: This is more of my own bias. Well, most advice is, but this is the most bias from me. I know that I discussed how important backstories are, but I feel like a tragic or sympathetic backstory is becoming an easy out for bad guys, such as Thanos and Kovira. This works well for a lot of villains who see themselves as the real hero in their plots, like the ones I just listed, or the real tragic villains who are doing what they do due to either protect someone or because tragedies happened in their life, like Anakin Skywalker’s turn to Darth Vader. But don’t do this if your villain is supposed to be the worst person ever because that could lead to unwanted sympathy from them that overshadows their horrible deeds.

“If every villain has to have some kind of deep backstory or some kind of sympathetic motivation, then why are 2/4 of these villains so memorable. Is it because they’re dragons? It’s cause their dragons. isn’t it?

I remember Steven Universe’ ending disappointing me the first time I watched it because it tried to redeem White Diamond. Now, schedule wise, Cartoon Network was horrible and it was hard for me to keep every detail in mind. However, the biggest detail that’s not hard to forget is how the Diamonds corrupted every gem on Earth and they rule the Gem World in a tyrannical rule. Like, their evil. Plus, White Diamond’s introduction perfectly set up her villainous character. Her empty stare, her referring to Pink Diamond’s rebellion as something to “get it out of her system,” and the fact that she doesn’t let Steven speak. Her character’s white theme has a sort of “perfection” to it, which is something I appreciate. Black is the classic evil, but white is the more twisted kind of evil. The show has been building up to how horrible the Diamond’s rule has been and showing White as a villain not to mess around with. I certainly don’t think death was necessary (I don’t think all villains need to die for there to be a conclusion) but I found it so wrong that the show and characters just forgive her and made her this quirky, lovable person in Future as if she didn’t cause mass trauma for her people. She didn’t really face any consequences for the deaths and conquest she’s caused, if anything she got a slap on the wrist, making her a weak villain in terms of character and resolution. I get forgiveness is the point of the end, but White Diamond was a villain who really didn’t deserve it.

Not every villain should be so sympathetic that their murders and destruction becomes justified, and throwing it in becomes weak writing. Sometimes, people like it when the villain is just the biggest douchebag ever. Don’t be afraid to make the bad guy…the bad guy.

Anyway, that’s all I have for this quickee. It was just gonna about Metroid Dread, but I decided to add some other stuff. The Child of Light Part 2 will come out next week while everything else will have to be pushed back. I definitely want to do Kamen Rider Saber to see whether or not my harsh criticisms were true, but I’m still afraid of the fresh hell that might come. I’m also trying to figure out the Mailing List thing but since not many people are subscribed I’m not quite sure what to do. Until then, see you later.

-Samuel Argueta

Sirens On! A Blogging Update Is Here!

The summer heatwave churning up the south is finally coming to an end. The trees will howl as their orange skin fills up generic backgrounds, the wind will arrive from the north to tickle our necks, and kids will suffocate from Halloween sweets. I personally eat from a carton of chocolate cream for my Halloweens.

I will say that this has been both a fun but stressful summer. The best parts were definitely reviewing and refining my book, playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky after finishing the game all those years ago in my childhood, built my first Gunpla model, and getting to the Earthbound Beginnings review. But, after losing a pretty terrible job and a lot of setbacks, it’s been pretty hindering to my motivation as well. A lot is coming for this semester, especially the release of Metroid Dread, and I’m excited to ring these reviews and updates to the website. So, let’s get right to it.

Extra, Extra! We got a Mailing List!

“You can see the excitement in their faces to this development. Both the mailing list and the guy currently becoming a statue.”

I’m getting one. I’ll face facts, this blog is essentially me talking to a few followers and passerby’s weekly. Otherwise known as “a fish in the sea.” So, to try and get better traction, I am going to implement a mailing list. Now, I’m going to put one by Monday, but I’ll make my first after researching the best ways to use one for the kind of blog I’m trying to do. The last thing my lazy butt wants is to make something embarrassing for you readers. Plus, if I did, I got a comment section for angry comments.

So, be on the look out on your email. Hopefully, it’s the top one above the thousands we never read.

A New Coat of Paint

Now, I don’t have the comments to back up this claim, but I think my website looks terrible. Not terrible, but more like basic. I like the colors, but something about it just doesn’t work. I wanna add pazazz to it. I was gonna try and update the look on a technical level, but life decided to make me postpone that. But, I am dedicated to saving up money and looking at online website designs that I think will fit and benefit the blog. I’ll also really try to make the layout much better, and learn how other websites did it. These changes will come this semester, so don’t be surprised by any new developments.

“Like Mega Man, except I didn’t have to shoot a guy for it…yet.”

Now, onto the things I will be reviewing!

Republic Commando: The Bad Batch But With Polynesian Bacta

“Look at Scorch becoming canon. Go buddy, go!”

I love Bad Batch, don’t get me wrong. It tickles the bone in me that’s been dead inside since Clone Wars ended for the 3rd time with its characters, its perspective of the growing empire, and the episodic nature of the show. People hate it, but I do personally enjoy the current structure of the story. However, our batch of misfits surviving a hostile and changing galaxy will probably never dethrone Delta Squad for me.

In this game, you play as the leader of a band of Republic Commandoes, specially trained clones under the Republic who do the jobs no reg could pull. You’ve got Scorch, the demolitions personal, Sev, the cold-blooded sniper, and Fixer, the by-the-books guy who hacks computers. You lead these 3 through 3 different missions in 3 locations, helping in the war effort by clashing with clankers and shanking some mercs. With the customizable DC-17m and a slew of other weapons, you may be programmed for stealth but, by the end of the mission, you leave one hell of an explosive impact.

“Yes, I shall enter without consent.”

If you aren’t into the magic of the force and only care about the war aspect of Star Wars, then you are going to enjoy this game. As Han Solo once said, “hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.”

This review will come on September 3rd, 2021.

Ungifted: Being an Idiot Has Never Changed So Many Lives

When I created this website, I always wanted to do a book review cause, well, I am a writer. So, what better way to start than by reviewing a middle school level book. “Har har, he’s reading a book for kids.” Har, har, har…

“It’s amazing how the entire contribution Donovan made to the design of the robot was a bunch of decals. Didn’t do the best job proving he’s smart.”

This book is better written than Captain Marvel.

After slapping the ass of the school statue and sending its bronze globe rolling into the gym, Donovan Curtis knows he’ll get the punishment of a lifetime…until a mix up happens. Instead, he gets to walk the halls of the Academy for Scholastic Distinction, where young Frankensteins take classes together to show just how intelligent they are. Donovan, not wanting to face the consequences in fear of his parent’s bank account and his sister’s incoming child debt, he decides the best thing to do is fake being smart enough for the situation to blow over. While it’s hell for him, it becomes the best thing for these geniuses.

Now, this book is basically like any of those “just an average kid in school” kid movie. Average boy, goes to school, has to make friends, the characters are caricatures, yada yada. I thought that when reading it, but it turned out to be a well-written and genuinely surprising book. It may be for kids, but I implore you to read it before my review on September 24, 2021.

Child of Light: I am No Princess

“Oooh, so this is one of the things Finn did before his death. I’d recognize his golden locks any day.”

I love whimsical and light-hearted fantasy ever since I watched the first 4 Harry Potter films and Adventure Time. I remember seeing this game whenever my brother played it on the Wii U, and I finally got my chance when I bought it for my Switch. I was mesmerized by it from first sight but playing through it and experiencing this masterpiece brought me so much delight.

Aurora, the young daughter of a Duke in Austria, mysteriously enters the land of Lemuria after dying from a strange illness. Traveling with a wisp named Igniculus, she learns that the moon, the sun, and the stars have been taken by the Queen of the Night, who is turning the land into a world of monsters. With the help of her friends who rhyme and a wisp who likes to shine, this young not-princess will travel the land to stop the evil queen and find her way back home before a dreaded flood turns it into a memorial shrine.

“When you get accepted into heaven despite causing mass genocide for exp.”

With a unique battle system in the JRPG genre, a stellar score, and a beautiful look, this small game will enchant any RPG fan and fairy-tale lover. Play it for yourself, experience the magic, and come back when I review it on October 8th, 2021.

Kamen Rider Saber: The Second-Coming of Ghost

If my post about Kamen Rider piqued your interest and showed how crazy I am for this series, well…I hope this doesn’t ruin it. I love this franchise with a passion, but even it cannot escape the hands of terrible writing. This season also happens to be about books!

Taking a more mystical and fantastical route, not seen since Wizard, the season is about a novelist named Touma, who owns a book store and is the writer for Lost Memory (don’t worry if you don’t remember this after ep 1). Though he appears to be a regular guy, a strange event happened 15 years ago that left him with a strange but small plastic book about a brave dragon. He remembers only fragments: a town attacked by monsters, bubbles floating in the air, a knight clad in purple armor, him losing the grip of a young girl before she’s sucked up by a floating book, and a damaged swordsman who leaves him the plastic book and causes a massive explosion with a red blade. All he remembers besides that is a promise he never got to keep.

“You notice how Saber is the biggest image in the photo? Yeah, expect that the whole show.” Image from Kamen Rider Fandom

Fast forward to the present; he’s late for a chapter deadline for Mei Sudo, but he shirks it off like any real writer to give a birthday present to a boy. However, things turn for the worst as the masterminds behind the event unfold a new plan by taking parts of the world to a place known as Wonder World, the world of stories, through the use of Megid. As chaos ensues, Touma is met by the very blade that saved him: the Kaenken Rekka. With no one stopping the monster of the week, and the book revealing to be a source of power, he takes hold of the blade and becomes Kamen Rider Saber: The Flame Swordsman. Now, with the help of other color-coded knights of the elements a part of the Sword of Logos, an organization that seeks to protect the world, the novelist will fight the Megid while also uncovering his past and what led to the events that happened 15 years ago.

Did that catch your interest? It did for me. On October 29th, read on how much it went downhill faaaassssttt.

Digimon Cyber Sleuth: 2 Stories, 2 Mysteries, One Digital Garden

“The sleuth or the hacker? Orange or Blue? Finding your path or understanding your identity? When you meet this woman, you choose the path. P.S sorry about the faded words. Wasn’t the best at timing when I first played it.”

After the huge, but not surprising, disappointment of Pokémon Shield, I decided to say screw it to the Pokémon Main Line games and decided to play the Digimon Cyber Sleuth bundle on the Switch. I played it last year and finished it in the beginning of the summer. Even with its world building and narrative flaws, these games brought back the spark of love that I had for the Digimon universe.

“Observation Statement: This is the perfect partnership for slaughter.”

For Cyber Sleuth, which everyone should play first before Hacker’s Memory, the story takes place in a Japan where virtual reality has become reality and the entire concept of Summer Wars has been stolen. Eden, the virtual world created by Kamishiro Industries, allows people to bank, shop, and connect; basically a walkable internet. The story is about [NAMELESS PROTAG] who is dared into going into the underbelly of Eden, where hackers roam with a newly introduced and utilized hacking tool at their malicious or benevolent disposal; Digimon. An adorable Agumon can clean out your bank account; where is the humanity.

However, you and your friends are forced into becoming hackers by a mysterious party and are attacked by an Eater, a mysterious computer virus that can cause people to go into comas. You don’t escape unscathed, as you return to the real world with a digital body. Best thing about this situation is employment. With the help of your Digimon and a totally-gonna-be-your-waifu boss, you help solve cases in Eden which will inevitably uncover the secret of your transformation, a conspiracy, and your own past.

“Hey, you see a gear around here? I need him so I can shove him into others and make Piedmon happy. The hell you mean? Of course I know what I’m talking about. You think I took a trephining from a WarGreymon so I can have some BTS wannabe f#$king question me!”

In Hacker’s Memory, you play as [NAMELESS PROTAG EXCEPT YOU CAN ONLY BE A GUY] in a side story that delves deeper into the scum and villainy of hackers, and what it means to have an identity in the virtual world. Speaking of identity, his, however, has been stolen by a malicious hacker; well, an internet one but still. Being accused of an account raiding scam he didn’t commit, the MC decides the best way to find the culprit is to become a hacker himself and join the group Hudie, a benevolent hacker group under Zaxon who solve cases related to more aggressive teams. Like in Cyber Sleuth, you solve different cases with your own Digimon as you get closer to the culprit, but you’ll also discover the dark secrets that lie with those close around you.

A different approach to the usual Digimon format, these story heavy games still manage to bring a fun Digimon adventure for older fans. Stay tuned as I review these games on November 12th, if school allows it.

Honestly, all these reviews may be released differently due to school so keep that in mind.

Other Reviews That May Come In The Future

Final Fantasy 9

“When I look at this magical Star Wars Jawa, I see both a great character and the two suns from Tatooine.”

I’m not done with it yet. The Final Fantasy series is that JRPG series I heard a lot about growing up, and it became the franchise I wanted to play so bad. As a lover of Pokémon, I held FF as the high standard of JRPGs; the franchise that any fan of the genre had to play. A Valhalla if you will. Now, for you long time fans, you may laugh at that statement or agree with it, and all the other franchise fandoms may laugh too. But I legit thought that at the time, and I still hold the series to that expectation after playing, like, 3 games. 6 was my first, 7 was the first steam game I fully played, and 9 became my second favorite.

This review may come around 2021-2022, but I hope to give my thoughts on this magical game. I’ll save the lengthy plot synopsis for a future update.

Metroid Dread

Hot damn do I want it. I’ve only played the first 3 games (still crossing my fingers for a Prime trilogy bundle on the Switch) but Super Metroid sold me on the Metroidvania genre. Genuinely one the best and most replayable games in history. When I saw the reveal trailer for this game, I was sold on it from the moment I saw the stealth mechanics with the robot thing. Horror is one of my favorite genres and seeing that implemented alongside space exploration peaked my interest to dangerously high levels. I’m watching my brother play Fusion as a refresher before I get Dread (now, if your criticizing me for not playing Fusion myself, my answer to that is it’s my brother’s Wii U and, like the little brother I am, he gets first dibs).

I might make a Quikee review of Dread after I get it on October and play the first few hours. But, I’m really excited and optimistic about this game so, hopefully, this new entry into Nintendo’s most interesting franchise, to me, meets my expectations.

“You think Dread will have fan service rewards for completing the game fast? Can they still do that in this time and age?

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorer’s of Sky

“Wow, it’s a gear. I can feel the temporal aura rubbing against my hide. Hey, who are you? Nice afro-Oh my Arceus! Stop shoving that gear in me! Stop it! Stop talking about Andromon! Who even is that?!”

Like hell I know when this will come. It’s stuck on my brother’s Wii U and it’s one out of two games I steal from him to play. I can’t take it to college, so who knows.

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Same Boat.

Super Mario 64

” Wow, thank you for a kiss on the nose. Thanks…hoping for more after dealing with Big Boo’s Balcony, but this cock block will do.”

Might be a Quikee as well since I played it last year. I still have to play the rest of the games I have on the All-Stars package.

Gundam Unicorn Gallery

“I just don’t have self-control man. No wonder I can’t get freakin scholarships.”

This might come in-between the other reviews depending on when I finish the model kit. I got it over the weekend, but this week is mostly me doing work on my job and book, preparing to go to college, and having an existential crisis. The last one was a peaceful moment in this summer, so I got this as a potential hobby.


With all this laid out, I hope school doesn’t tire me out so I can be excited enough to do these reviews. I’ve got nothing left to type with these tired fingers, so I’ll take my leave. Enjoy life, follow your passions, and don’t let the fire spreading throughout human civilization harden your heart. Bye.

-Samuel Argueta

Quickee: Games I’m Playing Or Have Finished This Month

Star Wars: Republic Commando

I put this game in the previous post, but I can’t reiterate how good of a game it is…and how damn difficult it is. I hate how short it is, but each level is filled with droid busting mayhem and strategy that I’m too stupid to do. I got past the Abandoned Ship section and I’m now entering into Kaysheek. Whoo-hoo, gonna die horrible deaths.

This game, plus Bad Batch, have really reinvested my love for the Star Wars series. I do think the controls for this game are alright compared to be PC, but when it works it becomes a joy ride of chaos and carnage. Btw, how’s Bad Batch for you? Dave Filoni is really proving his stuff lately. Hopefully he’ll be in charge of the the next movies. No, I haven’t seen Rise of Skywalker, no I’m never watching it unless at gun point, and yes they can fly now.

I’m gonna make a review of Republic Commando sometime after I finally finish the Beginnings review (I’m making it but I’m…totally not lazy).

Metroid 2: Return To Samus

I hate this version (I started a save file of the remake on my brother’s copy, but I just never finished it), but I did enjoy beating it after 5 years of on and off sessions. I just hate how there is no map because getting lost is so easy the first time. I kept going in circles everytime I played, so I would just go to other stuff.

Last month, I decided to just get a map online and finally finish it. I enjoyed my time causing genocide on an alien species and the game, with some actually direction, can be fun to explore. But, compared to the first one and Super, this is the worst one I’ve played. I gotta get my brother’s copy of the remake again and I’m totally getting Dread.

Digimon Cyber Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory

Better than Pokemon Shield, okay compared to Cyber Sleuth. I enjoyed my time less with this game due to the lack of direction I felt with the story. Each story between the 4 on the left were good, but it felt sloppy the way each was ordered. The best is the MC’s arc, but it’s over by the middle and the finale felt too “epic” for what should have been a smaller sclae adventure. The side quests in the beginning became so annoying cause I felt the writing wasn’t as solid compared to the side quests in Sleuth, so I just focused on the main campaign.

Overall, I enjoyed it to a point but it felt like the writers lost focus compared to Cyber Sleuth and it tried to do many things without fleshing it out. Also, Eden is just as barren as the first one. Seriously, and this goes to Cyber Sleuth too, for a story where Eden is the main focus you barely get to see the parts that aren’t hacker infested.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorer’s of Sky

This one holds a special place in my heart. I played Explorer’s of Time way back in my childhood and it was one of the best games I had on the DS. Amazing story of time and dark futures, incredible characters like Grovyle and the whole Guild, memorable moments that I won’t spoil, and gameplay that lasts for a life time. One of my first exposures to a story heavy game and it knocked it out of the park. That finale…man it puts the main line games to shame.

I’m playing through Sky this month before I go back to College and it holds up well. I get a lot of nostalgia playing and it takes me back to the less stressful days.

Final Fantasy 9

I’ve written a lot about this game in little bits, but it’s just that fantastic. I’m at Mount Gulug right now. Rather than spill about how much I love it, I gotta talk about the anime/cartoon coming how. With the old-school Disney aspect I get from the cutscenes alone, I’m gonna enjoy that show…after I’m done playing the game. I hope it doesn’t diverge too much from the source material, but it’d be cool if stuff was added to enhance the experience similar to how David Productions handles Jojo.

With a lot of politics going on, I really hope this show strays for away from that. I just want it to be the high fantasy escape that it is and that we love. Btw, I haven’t seen Projared’s video yet, but I can already tell what his feelings are about this tree

But yeah. I’m working on the Earthbound Beginnings second draft but a lot is happening over my end. I know…no excuses. New job, working on the novel, being a lazy sh!t, all that fun crap 20 year olds go through. Missed out on my brother and father’s whole vacation, so I’m making it up this weekend. Anyway, I wanted to make this as a quick little thing to show off my Switch screenshots in-between the Beginnings review.

-Samuel Argueta

It’s Revise Time: Where The Baming Blog Goes for the Next 2 Months

An Update For the Masses

“What? Nothing wrong with having a little will.”

Hello, everyone. It’s finally the end of the barren Winter and the beginning of the beautiful Spring, where we’re probably scaring the masses with seasonal allergy sneezes. Remember a time when sneezes weren’t treated like the bubonic plague? Well, besides that, let’s get done to business while I eat a honeybun.

The Book:

Well, after two years of writing and terminal depression, I finally finished the first draft of my novel! I remember that night like an acid trip flashback. Staying up till 3 in the morning (don’t do this other college kids) to finish up the epilogue, typing away my keyboard while listening to music to get me through it, and hunching my back to screw over my posture. As I typed those generic a$$ descriptions and clunky dialogue, I imagined me crying and jumping for joy in the head in the presence of friends, family, and Danny Devito. I’d be so overwhelmed with emotions for finally finishing something monumental in my life. I typed the last words…I sit back to see my creation…and then I slammed my computer and went to bed.

It was 3:15 in the morning and I had class the next day, I was too tired for that sentimental sh!t.

“I feel like this meme is directed to reading a book, but the mood is quite the same.” Image from Helen Hall Library

What am I doing now?

Pffffft. Well, I gotta go back to the drawing board. Now, I haven’t read the draft to the fullest, but I do know that there is a lot of work that I didn’t do in high school. Admittedly, I discovered that I am a panzer writer who planned a little without really asking the right questions. I wrote some notes but I mostly kept a lot in my head in the beginning of the process. I thought, “My maladaptive daydreaming can be my little computer where I store everything and it will go well.” Fun fact, maladaptive daydreaming has its pros and a lot of cons.

So, I’m working on reading the first draft to reevaluate the story to see what works and what doesn’t, connecting plot threads I wrote but never finished, and worldbuilding. Now, I’m no sponsor, but I have been using Campfire Blaze as an organizer for my notes, and it has been incredibly engaging. Going back and recreating the world through the little details I made has been a fun and challenging experience. It feels like going into the same world with new eyes, connecting things I didn’t notice before. The program helps light the way in an otherwise complex and confusing process.

Seriously Campfire. If you somehow stumbled upon me through the deep web, I will actually sell myself to you.



School has piled on a lot of work for one semester, even though it’s only 5 classes, and a lot of it is just reading. Around 29 pages for 4 classes due within one week. I’m not the greatest planner, obviously, so I’ve been flying with my pants high above my beer gut trying to get everything done so I can actually go to bed.

Combined with long assignments, quizzes, and papers, trying to find the mental capacity to read an awful first draft is stressful. When I get to, it’s a fun experience. When I don’t, I wrestle my brain like Andre the Giant. I’m hoping to invest all my time in reading the book when I get out of school just to have more time instead of maybe one hour.

“Nothing against my school, but still…”


As a little update within another, my internship at Prime and Prim has been going pretty well. I’ve been learning about PR and the strategies that go within marketing a company, writing scripts for trailers, and among other things that I’ll skip before I just ramble out private things. It’s pretty hard work, but it’s more like another thing on the table instead of back breaking assignments.


I’ll get personal here for a minute; no real lighthearted jokes. I had no confidence in myself when writing the draft, or my possible career all together. Most of the time writing the first draft was spent grueling over life choices and dealing with the transition from high school to college. To this day, I’m still not sure if I want to be a novelist or a screenwriter, which caused me to go back and forth in terms of writing advice. Confusing, I know. All it made me self doubtful that I could be a writer, no matter how much I told myself its my first book. Coupled with the strange, political times that are plaguing the country and the harsh realty of this world, I found myself questioning if I would be able to be the writer or person I wanted to be.

But, I’m doing my best to push past the doubt, the ego, and the confusion to finish my story as a transparent student of the craft. I’m not sure when I’ll be done with the rereads and the edits, since some advice says that the process should take about as long as writing it the first time, but I’ll keep the updates coming for when I move on to the beta readers and editors. You know, the ones that probably cost an arm and a pelvis.

(Side thing: If anyone is interested, I can release posts of how I came about my novel, my process, who my inspirations were, and what the heck that maladaptive daydreaming thing was earlier).

What is to come in the website and the blog

Well, for starters, a new schedule for the next two months. With everything, you can tell I’m not consistent in the posts. Stats say the same thing. So, for my mental stability, this month and the next will have 1 to 2 posts until I get out for summer vacation. It will still be Friday-Saturday at no specific time, so enjoy the randomness as you rub your sweaty brow with a convenient towel at work wondering when I’m gonna post.

“It is my personal theory that computers have already started the war against us. When we lose our sh!t when the printer stops working for one day out of all 364, they’ve beaten us mentally.” Image by Josh Rhine from Lume

In between, I’ll be updating and fixing up the website to make it more user friendly and fluid. I’m still learning how WordPress works at the basic level cause I’m not programmer. I’m gonna be figuring out how to stylize the home page to look better, fix the Story Cantina to work like blog posts so you can make comments on the stories, and find better pictures cause I’m noticeably lazy about it.

Speaking of the Story Cantina, just to clarify, I put my personal favorite short stories in there. Since I’m currently too busy to actually find a magazine to stick with right now, I’ll be putting short stories that I personally enjoy and worked hard on. There is no set schedule for that, so…yeah.

Blog Posts to Come

“Why do I look like Number 4 from Code Name Kids Next Door?” Image from Planet Minecraft

Earthbound Short: Picky

As a weird little experiment, since I’m not sure when I’ll be able to post a review on Earthbound Beginnings, I wanna talk about an Earthbound character that always stuck with me after my first playthrough: Picky Minch. In it, I’ll give a brief background on the character, what I think happens to him after the game’s story, and why I love side characters who I really shouldn’t get invested in. This is something that personally peeked my interest, and also just to try and be unique among the thousands of blogs out there.

“Well damn, that water bill really did go up. It went so up it became a giant freakin dragon!” Image from Anarchy In The Galaxy

Sonic Adventure Part 2: Electric Chair for real

Then, I will finish up my birthday review for Sonic Adventure. I’ll talk about the super secret story Big didn’t let you get to, various supporting characters, the world and its people, and the Chao Garden aka the only minigame you most definitely cared more about. Again, just honest opinions with a little research just to structure it. Side note, I actually bought the original Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast as a birthday present to myself. I didn’t get the Dreamcast itself, I’m budgeting here, so I might do a proper comparison of the DX and International Dreamcast version.

“Behold. Dialga and Palkia in their new overworld models.” Image from Animationoptions

How I feel about the Gen 4 confirmed remakes

Oh boy. As a late bloomer, which is probably not advisable in a marketing or SEO strategy, I will discuss my thoughts on the recently confirmed Diamond and Pearl remakes. I will also talk about the other side game, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which already looks way better than Sword and Shield, and my personal take on Pokemon as a whole. I might even reference a yellow dinosaur and a red dead cat within. Trust me when I say, I got some hot takes on that yellow mouse.

“The hell is going on with the earth? How many hurricanes are going through it?”

Earthbound Beginnings: Not for America

Finally, a reminder that this is going to happen. I will review it like I did with Earthbound, just with better quality. The story, the world(which I think deserves special attention this time), the gameplay, and how it holds up compared to the second game will be talked about. I might have missed the anniversary year for this series, but I’ll still remember it unlike Nintendo.

All in All, I’m hoping to doing my best to keeping these promises. It’s a slow and confusing route people, but I’m learning through it so you can enjoy these early years, I certainly can’t wait to be the position to joke about my early quality years down the line. Take care, love yourself, step away from politics or reality for a minute, and remember to always have love, compassion, and some common sense within yourself. We’re all trying to get through life one way or another, but let’s not forget our humanity along the way. See you then.

-Samuel Argueta

Recommendations from the personal box!

Shine on you Crazy Diamond…or Mashins

If your a Power Ranger fan looking into watching the original Sentai, then this is the best introduction to the franchise. Unlike the other seasons in this era, Kiramager takes the simple route when it comes to the story and team(toys). 6 rangers, no gimmicks that work in the morpher, 4 robots that have no crazy combinations, and a villain organization with a zany but evil goal. Despite the simplistic execution, the writing is competent, fun, and well-made. Each character is distinct, tropes are subverted in creative ways, and it still manages to respect what it is and what it isn’t. One of the best in Tokusatsu

Image from Power Rangers Fandom

Kamen Rider finally here the legal way

After years of fans watching the a kids show from overseas any way they can, including dealing with all those local moms, Toei has allowed seasons to air on their official Tokusatsu Channel…but just the first two episodes. Hey, it’s anything. This is a huge step since Shout Factory was allowed to stream Kamen Rider Ichigo and Kuuga, along with the Heisei Generations Forever movie.

Right now, every Friday and Saturday, 1 episode from two different seasons are uploaded. Interestingly, its just been Showa and Heisei Phase 1 riders, with the two recent seasons being Stronger and Hibiki. I guess America isn’t ready for Heisei phase 2 yet…which makes sense if you know about them.

This is a great opportunity to have bite sized introductions into this bug-eyed world, along with the other obscure Tokusatsu shows they also upload like Kikaider. Look up “Toei Tokusatsu World Official” and YouTube and delve into one of the strangest genres in the world. Ride On!

Image from Kamen Rider Fandom

Ungifted: Somehow gifted writing

This book really made my year in 2020. Despite being a book for middle schoolers, evident in its short descriptions and simplistic writing style, it was a clear but effective tale of a boy who slaps the a$$ of a bronze statue and ends up in the gifted program of antisocial children. This book is like all those movies where the main protagonist mistakenly enters into a different society through some lie or deception, yet the story reinvents those tropes to become a refreshing tale. I won’t go into more detail.

I highly recommend this book even if your 68. It’s universally appealing with great characters and a simple plot that just oozes with charm.

Now I can’t wait for Nickelodeon to possibly f it up!

Image from Pinterest

2021: A New Year

Happy New Years everyone! 2020 is finally coming to an end, and I think we can all agree that it will not be missed. From the pandemic, the fear of the future, the election, the moments and experiences lost for many high schoolers and graduating college students, and the possibility of life never really going back to the way things were.

“Look at that, the meteor didn’t come!”
Photo by Raman deep on Pexels.com

There was always talk of things changing forever, that this is our new normal. Well, for a new normal it was really crappy. Now, somehow, we’ve reached the end. I could talk cynically about how 2021 will be the year where the meteor comes. But I think that we should have positive dreams of the future. 2021 can be the year where we get out of our ruts and become productive, happy people.

Some people say you don’t need be happy in order to live, but being happy is what makes you keep going. It makes you fight through the day and better yourself. It’s what allows you to come to friends and family with a smile on your face, and a humor to make you laugh with them. I don’t know if that’s a quote or not, but if it is tell me so I can be proud to have pulled it out.

I’m gonna be honest, this year was the worst for me. The pandemic happened after such a happy time in Disney World (yes I went to Galaxy’s edge). I was in 12th grade, so naturally I lost a prom, a genuine large graduation, and a bunch of time away from my friends. The first few months slipped by, all alone in my room with my online work letting the time slip by me. My motivation died, my hopes and dreams slinking off into depression, and a bunch of opportunities with college and money slipping away. Even in college, I didn’t feel like myself. I still need scholarships for college, at least for next year.

“I am looking forward to this in 2021”
Image from TFW

I could have even gotten the first draft of my novel done by now, but everything that happened only added to the doubt of my own novice abilities. 2020 expanded my worldview, and I didn’t see a lot of good around. All in all, 2020 was the pinnacle of bull. 1920s had parties and jazz, and 2020 had rules against partying and jazz. Okay the latter is exaggerated, but still. Hopefully, next year will be better.

What’s To Come In January:

In all honesty, I’m not sure how much of my blog or my website will be improved in a steady and fast rate. The first few weeks should be good, but, by January 17th, I’ll be back in college focusing on my school work. I also have an internship coming in on January 14th that will end around May. With that, and my book, I’m worried about schedules things being pushed back due to time. Hopefully I’m wrong and I can deliver a quantity of quality work.

The Metal Arms review should have come before January 1st, but I’m replaying the game to get the hang of it for future reviews. Also, I got lost in the game because it’s just so good. I think that many people like doing game reviews just to replay old favorites. However, it should come out by January 8th.

“Way to piece it together dick!”
Image from Metal Arms Wikipedia Page

Then, the continuation of the Earthbound Reviews will come in January 15th with the review of Earthbound Beginnings. Hopefully *Random Battle Starts* it shouldn’t *Random Battle Starts* take as long *Random Battle Starts* as *Random Battle Starts* Metal Arms! *Random Battle Starts*

“America but interesting.”
Image from Starmen.net

Afterwards, get your kicking boots on and buy a rad motorcycle because I’m making an overview of the Kamen Rider series, the franchise about a bug-eyed masked hero stopping men in suits while also probably fighting other bug-eyed masked heroes (that depends if a Rider War is a part of the show.) The post shall come around January 22nd.

“I spend way to much time on the wiki page.”
Image from Kamen Rider Fandom

In between, a post about the 100 songs I like to listen to on my own time or during a writer session should come in between. I don’t really have rules in terms of what’s on the list. Whether it’s from a musical artist you can listen to on the radio or from a video game, if I like it then it will be on the list. This is based on my opinion and is not an objective list (I am not a musical genius and I don’t know what makes certain music good).

With all that, I hope you all are having an amazing New Years Eve day. Let’s all hope and pray for a better year. Let’s not let the crap of this year make a meteor come. Bring yourselves up wherever you are and live a happier life.

-Samuel Argueta