The 100 Songs I liked: 2021 Edition

Like before, it’s songs I liked this year that weren’t strictly from this year. Remember that there’s no ranking, just all the one’s I found listening to more than once.

1. Day in Life by the Beatles

My day in life is full of me coming close to depression.

2. Prayer for the Dying by Seal

A moment of silence for all those who participated in the Area 51 Raid

3. Living in Another World by Talk Talk

“Hi, police? Yes, my neighbor is blaring this old song in his house. Can you please go over there and snuff him out?”

4. It’s My Life by Talk Talk

Every teenager to their parent ever.

5. No Diggity by Black Street

“I like to back it up~” Me to the park car behind me.

6 Summertime Magic by Childish Gambino

Love the summer romance mood this song gives.

7. New Donk City from Mario Odyssey

*Pauline intensifies*

8. Tadow (Extended Version) by Maseago and FKJ

Truth be told, the beginning is better than the second half.

9. Kashmir by Led Zeppelin

This song is like an ancient folklore to me. If it played for high fantasy villain, I’d buy it.

10. “The Wall” Album by Pink Floyd

One of the best musical experiences in a long while. It all feels like one song due to how connected each individual piece feels.

11. Dogs by Pink Floyd

A harsh reality check for all businessmen

12. Electric Shock by Gorillaz

This song never got an official release. It’s more of a beta song for Plastic Beach. Yet, I wish both versions were officially released in some capacity.

Feels So Good by Chuck Mangoine

Hmmm… trumpets

14. Us and Them + Any Color You Like by Pink Floyd

“Remember the good old days-days-days-days-days” A man before the drugs kicked in.

15. Soft Rain by Paul Hardcastle

I wish my home state weather would be soft, you know what I mean?

16. My Eyes Adored You by Frankie Valli

It’s either a very beautiful love song or a creeper song to you. Take your pick.

17. Lisztomania by Phoenix

There’s a high energy, playful nature to this song.

18. Magic by Kylie Minogue

The good thing about working on the 100 songs of the year before the New Year is being able to change it literally as you work on it.

19. Echoes Rising By Paul Hardcastle

My brain listens to this when I travel to a new world.

20. Everything Now by Arcade Fire

“Sir, you say the Arcade’s on fire? Everything has changed…”

21. The Smooth Loft by Paul Hardcastle

22. Garden of Eden by Micheal E

The only bliss we’ll ever hear from the place we’re not allowed in.

23. All Eyes on Me from Final Fantasy 8

This title becomes more horrifying in the sequel

24. Lucid Dreaming by Micheal E

Dreams and drug trips in physical form

25. Somebody Else by 1975

There’s always somebody else.

26. Forever Young by Alphaville

The anthem of Man-Babies

27. I Always Kill The Things I love by Claudia Brunken

Her boyfriend starts sweating

28. Music Sounds Better With You by Stardust

Me to my headphones

29. Peaches by Justin Bieber

I don’t think he’s talking about the fruits or the butts

30. Leave the Door Open by Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak

This song is about to cause another boomer generation.

31. The Way You Are by Timberland

I miss the 2000s

32. Louisiana Hero from “Falcon and The Winter Soldier”

One of the most badass ending themes for a show. If only the show had a good ending.

33. When Am I Gonna Lose You by Local Natives


34. It’s Not Living by 1975

Said everyone in the Walking Dead.

35. She’s American by 1975

The colonists when they saw North America

36. You by Regard and Tate

Probably the most listened song on this list.

37. Sweet Emotions by Aerosmith


“Just keep going. He’ll be at this all day.”

38. Looking For Love by Jody Walter

Aren’t we all!

39. Piano from “SSSS Dynazenon”

A somber theme to a melancholic robot anime.

40. Love’s Theme by The Love Unlimited Orchestra

At least one doesn’t make me want to cry. *Cough* Mother 3 *Cough*.

41. The Oracle from Secret of Mana

The remake version is maniacal genius.

42. Montero by Lil Nas X

The music video sucks but the song is catchy.

43. Ride or Die by The Knocks and Foster the Kids

All going into the world should listen to this song.

44. Our Story from Mother 4

An exciting introduction to a new fan interpretation to this cult classic

45. Layon the Line by D-selections

A badass ending song to an anime I never watched.

46. LiveDevil from Kamen Rider Revice

One of the best Kamen Rider openings since last year.

47. Star Cave from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

A place that made Bidoof more than an HM Slave

48. Fabulous Secret Power by Slackcircus

A surprisingly sad song for a funny meme

49. Stargazer by Rainbow

First time I ever headbanged to a song?

50. Rasputin by Boney M

I now want to know a lot about Rasputin because of this song.

51. Sugar from Super Crooks

A chill RNB song for a great anime.

52. Zeta Suite from Zeta Gundam

An epic opening that fits well with the militaristic opera of Zeta Gundam. Finally, an American change that’s good.

53. Travelogue by Leavv


54. Stars over Lake Verity by Braxton Burks

As a Gen 4 fan, this rendition put a tear in my eye.

55. Gold Dust Woman by Fleetwood Mac

A slow but tough song perfect for a Western

56. Goofy’s Trial by Pink Guy

The demon’s told me too!

57. Three Evil Weapons from Gundam Seed

Never watched the show. Might become a druggy.

57. The Entire Album of Char’s Counterattack

A perfect conclusion to the love between Char and Amuro.

58. Deja vu by Gorillaz

Yeah, I get that too.

59. Tracer from Gundam Hathaway

Oh sh!t, they’ve been traced!

60. Kiss Me More by Doja Cat

My inner soul loves this song.

61. Signs of the Times by Harry Styles

My inner soul cries to this song.

61. Watermelon Suger by Harry Styles

My inner soul’s just hungry.

62. I’m an Asshole by Denis Leary

We’re all one from time to time. I’m just worst.

63. Death Theme rendition by Yo Yo Ma

As if the original wasn’t sad enough.

64. The Spirit of the Radio by Rush

I listened to this during a workout and now I’m a Pillarman

65. Alapu Upala (All Versions) from Godzilla Singular Point

Japan is on a mission to make Godzilla the most terrifying eldritch horror of our time.

66. Met Him Last Night by Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande

I guess hot men are the devil?

67. Save Your Tears by The Weekend and Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is the only reason why I like this song. Ariana Grande makes every song better.

68. Rain Song by Led Zeppelin

The Zeppelin as it flies through a thunderstorm.

69. 34 +35 by Ariana Grande


70. Paperback Writer by The Beatles

I relate to this song a little too much.

71. Memoria from Final Fantasy 9

When I finally got here, my jaw dropped. A fascinating final dungeon that makes you ponder more than excited.

72. Necron’s Theme from Final Fantasy 9

One of the few times a game made my skin crawl.

73. Find Your Way from Final Fantasy 8

The mystery of the way in musical form.

74. Thriller by Micheal Jackson

They play this in Transylvania a lot.

75. Have Yourself A Merry Christmas by Sam Smith

Anyone else experiencing an extremely hot December? Now, no one in the comments answer from Arizona.

76. Fly Like an Eagle by Seal

Move over Space Jam, this was the movie’s real standout!

77. Who Dat Boy by Tyler the Creator

Literally every time a superhero changes from their barely disguised civilian form to their barely disguised hero suit.

78. Hot Winds Blow by Tyler The Creator

A short song that hits hard!

79. Mother by John Lennon

To learn what happened to John and what he did, this song just makes me sad to think about.

80. Gonna Fly Now from Rocky

Best workout song

81. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Frankie Vallis

Necron, stop watching me!

82. Stay by Justin Bieber and Kid Laroi

The only song where Kid Laroi doesn’t sound like a broken record.

83. Phantom and a Rose from Secret of Mana

A somber song perfect for a fantasy adventure.

84. I’ll Be Lucky Someday by John Campbell

Fall off your horse!

85. Hey Ya by Outkast

You know what, this song is better than sex.

86. A Bell Is Tolling from Secret of Mana

So like, Santa’s in this game. I gotta get it.

87. Patches in the Sky from Child of Light

Shameless plug here but go read my blog post about this game! Maybe I’ll even get a sponsor from Raid Sha-

88. Through the Sea of Time from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

When the mainline game fails, return to dungeon.

89. Midna’s Lament from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The moment I truly felt something in this game. If only the stupid enemy music didn’t cut it off!

90. Lower Brinstar from Metroid Dread

When this played, I knew this game was something special. Special enough to break for speedruns!

91. Message from Nightopia from Nights into Dreams

I’d put the whole soundtrack, but this truly was my favorite song. Nights is truly something special, and I wish they’d make a new one.

Also Baland Wonderland sucks.

92. Xi from Gundam Hathaway

The grim reaper won’t come when you’re read, Hathaway.

93. Sleeping Springdale (Past) from Yokai Watch 2

This song puts a tear in my eye, knowing the fate of Yokai Watch.

94. The Trailer Song from Oddity

It’ll come when it’s ready.

95. The Entire Metal Arms Soundtrack

You know what, I am a robot! And I’m gonna- Oh jesus christ, stop firing at me! *Releases an inhuman scream*

96. Jupiter’s Lightning from Child of Light

How dare she take it from that slut Zeus!

97. Crystal World from Final Fantasy 9

To make this a corrupt version of the Prelude is pure genius!

98. Raven Beak Theme from Metroid Dread

One of the most badass villains this year. To rip off your own wing, that’s special.

99. Christmas Time is Here from Charlie Brown Christmas

No matter what, commercialism will never be the point of Christmas. Even if Santa became popular due to Coca-Cola….fu-!

100. Vast Ice Mountain from Explorers of Sky

Haven’t gotten here yet in the game, but this seriously a climatic song. I can’t wait to experience it.

All photos not of my own belong to their respective owner per all copyright laws.

And that’s my list this year. I mostly stayed within my comfort food since this year wasn’t so great. Have a good rest of your year and let’s hope… You know what, f it. Last time I hoped for a better year, 2021 happened.

Happy New Years anyway.

-Samuel Argueta

The 100 Songs I like to Listen to

Note: I know the Metal Arm’s Review isn’t up yet. I apologize. I was writing the first draft of it last night on Thursday when I had a family emergency. Don’t worry, it was a false alarm but it left me incredibly tired. The review will come up Saturday night. Anyway, enjoy the list.

The 100 songs I loved in 2020 (doesn’t actually have to been made in 2020 and not a Best to Eh)

1.The Entire Song Machine by Gorillaz

2. Feels like Summer by Childish Gambino(or Donald Glover)

3. Stairway to Heaven by Led Zepplin

4. Humility by Gorillaz

5. Tick Tock by Joji

6. Dreams by Fleetwood Mac

7. Village of Dali from Final Fantasy 9

8. Gymnopedie by Erik Satie

9. Pretty Boy by Joji

10. Fly Like An Eagle by Steve Miller Band (Also the cover by Seal)

11. Sara by Fleetwood Mac

12. Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac

13. Chances Are by Johnny Mathis

14. Thunderstruck by ACDC

15. Hell’s Bells by ACDC

16. Love Train by The O’Jays

17. Boogie Wonderland by Earth, Wind, & Fire

18. Big Poppa by Notorious B.I.G

19.Juicy by Notorious B.I.G

20. Paisley Park by Prince

21. I’ll Get Lucky Someday by Glen Campbell

22. Might Be Right by White Reaper

23. Safe And Sound by Capitol Cities

24. Pocketful Of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield

25. Orphans by Coldplay

26. Yellow by Coldplay

27. Almighty from Kamen Rider Saber

28. Chant My Name from Ultraman Z

29. Ms. Jackson by Outkast

30. Cid’s Theme from Final Fantasy 9

31. This is America by Donald Gambino

32. The Main Them from The Mandolorian

33. Send In The Clown by Frank Sinatra

34. Tusk by Fleetwood Mac

35. Demon Days by Gorillaz

36. Circles by Post Malone

37. Paperback Writer by The Beatles

38. Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles

39. Killer Queen by Queen

40. Georgy Porgy by Toto

41. Adventure Of A Lifetime by Coldplay

42. Native New Yorker by Odyssey

43. Viva La Vida by Coldplay

44. The Entire Transformers 1986 Movie Soundtrack

45. It’s Christmas Time Again by by Vince Guaraldi

46. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Sam Smith

47. Dancing With A Stranger by Normani and Sam Smith

48. One Kiss by Dua Lipa

49. Without Me by Eminem

50. Another Brick In The Wall by Pink Floyd

51. Echoes by Pink Floyd

52. Mecha World from A.I Artificial Intelligence

53. Space Oddity by David Bowie (Also the cover by Chris Hansfield)

54. Disintegration by Myuu

55. Vast Poni Canyon from Pokemon Sun and Moon

56. Kamen Rider Saber’s Ending Theme

57. Corridors Of Time from Chrono Trigger

58. West Town Girls by Pet Shop Boys

59. Stayin Alive by Bee Gees

60. Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers

61. Who’s Crying Now by Journey

62. Super Fast Jellyfish by Gorillaz

63. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt cheap by ACDC

64. Rising Sun from Okami

65. Last Train Home by Pay Metheny Group

66. Metsuboujinrai’s theme from Kamen rider Zero One

67. The Man by the Killers

68. Tears in Rain from Blade Runner

69. Blade Runner Blues from Blade Runner

70. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking for by U2

71. Shooting Stars by Bag Raiders

72. Immigration Song by Led Zepplin

73. Fool In the Rain by Led Zepplin

74. Paradise City by Gun’s and Roses

75. Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowier

76. Private Eyes by Hall & Oates

77. Beyond The Moon by The Pillows

78. Star Overhead by The Pillows

79. When Dove’s Cry by Prince

80. Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd

81. Return Of The Mack by Mark Morrison

82. All Around The World by Daft Punk

83. Photograph by Def Leopard

84. Stardust Speedway All Versions from Sonic CD

85. Emerald Coast from Sonic Adventure

86. Meteor Herd from Sonic Adventure 2

87. Don’t Stop Believing by Journey

88. Suspicious Minds by Elvis Presley

89. Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper

90. The Court Of The Crimson King by King Crimson

91. Don’t Fear The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult

92. I Still Cannot Sleep/They Cannot Touch Her from Taxi Driver

93. True Colors by Cyndi Lauper

94. Cherchez La Femme by Dr. Buzzard Original Savannah Band

95. Walking Into The Sunshine by Central Line

96. Dracula by Gorillaz

97. Paint it Black by Rolling Stones

98. Rock the Casbah by The Clash

99. Chained To the Rhythm by Katy Perry

100. Empire Ants by Gorillaz

Update February 1st, 2021: It’s been a long while since I have updated. I am currently in school while also dealing with an internship, so this blog and website is being kept in the backburner of priorities. I apologize to anyone reading. In terms of a plan, I am not sure if I can do bigger posts like my review of Earthbound Beginnings this semester, but I am thinking of making smaller posts. As a spoiler, I am thinking of my own thoughts about a minor character in Earthbound.

Until then, expect a crazy schedule where posts come randomly. See you then.

-Samuel Argueta