2021: A New Year

Happy New Years everyone! 2020 is finally coming to an end, and I think we can all agree that it will not be missed. From the pandemic, the fear of the future, the election, the moments and experiences lost for many high schoolers and graduating college students, and the possibility of life never really going back to the way things were.

“Look at that, the meteor didn’t come!”
Photo by Raman deep on Pexels.com

There was always talk of things changing forever, that this is our new normal. Well, for a new normal it was really crappy. Now, somehow, we’ve reached the end. I could talk cynically about how 2021 will be the year where the meteor comes. But I think that we should have positive dreams of the future. 2021 can be the year where we get out of our ruts and become productive, happy people.

Some people say you don’t need be happy in order to live, but being happy is what makes you keep going. It makes you fight through the day and better yourself. It’s what allows you to come to friends and family with a smile on your face, and a humor to make you laugh with them. I don’t know if that’s a quote or not, but if it is tell me so I can be proud to have pulled it out.

I’m gonna be honest, this year was the worst for me. The pandemic happened after such a happy time in Disney World (yes I went to Galaxy’s edge). I was in 12th grade, so naturally I lost a prom, a genuine large graduation, and a bunch of time away from my friends. The first few months slipped by, all alone in my room with my online work letting the time slip by me. My motivation died, my hopes and dreams slinking off into depression, and a bunch of opportunities with college and money slipping away. Even in college, I didn’t feel like myself. I still need scholarships for college, at least for next year.

“I am looking forward to this in 2021”
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I could have even gotten the first draft of my novel done by now, but everything that happened only added to the doubt of my own novice abilities. 2020 expanded my worldview, and I didn’t see a lot of good around. All in all, 2020 was the pinnacle of bull. 1920s had parties and jazz, and 2020 had rules against partying and jazz. Okay the latter is exaggerated, but still. Hopefully, next year will be better.

What’s To Come In January:

In all honesty, I’m not sure how much of my blog or my website will be improved in a steady and fast rate. The first few weeks should be good, but, by January 17th, I’ll be back in college focusing on my school work. I also have an internship coming in on January 14th that will end around May. With that, and my book, I’m worried about schedules things being pushed back due to time. Hopefully I’m wrong and I can deliver a quantity of quality work.

The Metal Arms review should have come before January 1st, but I’m replaying the game to get the hang of it for future reviews. Also, I got lost in the game because it’s just so good. I think that many people like doing game reviews just to replay old favorites. However, it should come out by January 8th.

“Way to piece it together dick!”
Image from Metal Arms Wikipedia Page

Then, the continuation of the Earthbound Reviews will come in January 15th with the review of Earthbound Beginnings. Hopefully *Random Battle Starts* it shouldn’t *Random Battle Starts* take as long *Random Battle Starts* as *Random Battle Starts* Metal Arms! *Random Battle Starts*

“America but interesting.”
Image from Starmen.net

Afterwards, get your kicking boots on and buy a rad motorcycle because I’m making an overview of the Kamen Rider series, the franchise about a bug-eyed masked hero stopping men in suits while also probably fighting other bug-eyed masked heroes (that depends if a Rider War is a part of the show.) The post shall come around January 22nd.

“I spend way to much time on the wiki page.”
Image from Kamen Rider Fandom

In between, a post about the 100 songs I like to listen to on my own time or during a writer session should come in between. I don’t really have rules in terms of what’s on the list. Whether it’s from a musical artist you can listen to on the radio or from a video game, if I like it then it will be on the list. This is based on my opinion and is not an objective list (I am not a musical genius and I don’t know what makes certain music good).

With all that, I hope you all are having an amazing New Years Eve day. Let’s all hope and pray for a better year. Let’s not let the crap of this year make a meteor come. Bring yourselves up wherever you are and live a happier life.

-Samuel Argueta