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Republic Commando: Dark, Gritty, and Full of Banter

Star Wars; A franchise so big that it’s one of the few that can afford a lot of genre splices. From the original that brought a new kind of hope for Sci-fi, to the rise of said hope dying to a mouse, Star Wars is a diverse franchise full of lore that it spawned various books, comics, and games that always had their own flair to it. Now, as a fan who’s only read 2 books, Star Wars is known for its space wizards along side several kind of armies fighting for the galaxy. But what about a story where their is no force? What if you could play as a special black ops team for the Republic, where you have to rely on military training instead of a man/woman/alien with a color coded blade? Well, none have done better in the limited Star Wars that I have than Republic Commando. Oh boy, get some bacta before this review because you’re about to learn about a masterpiece…and a shitty port.

Sirens On! A Blogging Update Is Here!

An update for my blog for the last months of 2020 part 2. Tons of coming reviews, a possible slew of Quikees, and my attempts to get more traction. Basically, trying to stand out in the school of fish.

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