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Pokemon Emerald Retrospective: A Return To Simplicity

Pokemon is heading toward the 9th generation, so why don’t I look into the 3rd one. 20 years ago, Ruby and Sapphire were released much to the happiness of new fans and grievance for older fans/ So f those versions and let me take a look into the DLC…I mean scam…I mean 3rd version, Emerald.

Quickee: A New Mother 4?

A new Mother 4 has been announced, much to my excitement and fears. I analyze the trailer and discuss my thoughts on this new fan-made sequel.

Republic Commando: Dark, Gritty, and Full of Banter

Star Wars; A franchise so big that it’s one of the few that can afford a lot of genre splices. From the original that brought a new kind of hope for Sci-fi, to the rise of said hope dying to a mouse, Star Wars is a diverse franchise full of lore that it spawned various books, comics, and games that always had their own flair to it. Now, as a fan who’s only read 2 books, Star Wars is known for its space wizards along side several kind of armies fighting for the galaxy. But what about a story where their is no force? What if you could play as a special black ops team for the Republic, where you have to rely on military training instead of a man/woman/alien with a color coded blade? Well, none have done better in the limited Star Wars that I have than Republic Commando. Oh boy, get some bacta before this review because you’re about to learn about a masterpiece…and a shitty port.

Sirens On! A Blogging Update Is Here!

An update for my blog for the last months of 2020 part 2. Tons of coming reviews, a possible slew of Quikees, and my attempts to get more traction. Basically, trying to stand out in the school of fish.

Earthbound Beginnings: The Giygas Menace

I review Earthbound Beginnings, the first game in the Mother/Earthbound series, in my 3 part Earthbound retrospective. Why did I do it second after Earthbound? Because I’m an American, and we do that with Terminator and Alien.

My thoughts on the Gen 4 Remakes, Legends, and the franchise.

4 months late since 2008. So, here are my reactions to the Gen 4 remakes and the prequel Legends, while also giving my opinions on why the mainline games have gone down hill. Don’t worry. I won’t talk crap about Mystery Dungeon, so please don’t send the firing squad.

Sonic Adventure Part 2: All’s Well That Ends Well

In this follow up review that took a while to finally create, I continue my review and thoughts on Sonic Adventure. I go over Super Sonic, miscellaneous things, and try to have a good laugh.

Earthbound Short: My Thoughts on Picky

I discuss my thoughts on one Earthbound side character, Picky, and what happened to the little tyke within the game. Spoiler, I get a little mushy about it. Mushy like the m on his shirt.

Sonic Adventure Part One: The Chaos of Love

Valentine’s Day was my Birthday, so as a late gift I decided to talk about my favorite game of all time, Sonic Adventure. No, I’m not Sonic Kid.

Metal Arms: Glitch In The System

(Note: Sorry for the late upload. A family emergency put me behind schedule. Nothing happened, don’t worry, but let’s just say that tired me out into bed earlier than usual.) Introduction: Metal Arms: Glitch in the System, a 2003 GameCube game I fondly remembered playing as a kid…as long as my brother’s best friend came … Continue reading Metal Arms: Glitch In The System

Earthbound: The Giygas Strikes Back

Introduction: (Disclaimer: There may be a few spoilers) The year is 199X. In the depths of the night, the citizens of Onett are sleeping soundly, unaware of the strange things that are going to start this very night. Our chubby protagonist, Ness Quik, sleeps within his small home in his blue pajamas, when suddenly a … Continue reading Earthbound: The Giygas Strikes Back