Child of Light Part 2: The Music, the Graphics, and The Little Things.

I’m back at it in the world of Lemuria, as I tackle the second part of my review! This one is more focused on the technical and side aspects of the game, which vary in terms of quality. It took me how long… oh boy, let’s just dive right in.

Republic Commando: Dark, Gritty, and Full of Banter

Star Wars; A franchise so big that it’s one of the few that can afford a lot of genre splices. From the original that brought a new kind of hope for Sci-fi, to the rise of said hope dying to a mouse, Star Wars is a diverse franchise full of lore that it spawned various books, comics, and games that always had their own flair to it. Now, as a fan who’s only read 2 books, Star Wars is known for its space wizards along side several kind of armies fighting for the galaxy. But what about a story where their is no force? What if you could play as a special black ops team for the Republic, where you have to rely on military training instead of a man/woman/alien with a color coded blade? Well, none have done better in the limited Star Wars that I have than Republic Commando. Oh boy, get some bacta before this review because you’re about to learn about a masterpiece…and a shitty port.

My thoughts on the Gen 4 Remakes, Legends, and the franchise.

4 months late since 2008. So, here are my reactions to the Gen 4 remakes and the prequel Legends, while also giving my opinions on why the mainline games have gone down hill. Don’t worry. I won’t talk crap about Mystery Dungeon, so please don’t send the firing squad.