Chapter 1 Summary: (Spoilers)

“All of this, and we seriously explore none of it.” Image from Kamen Rider Fandom


Centuries ago… an Almighty Book was written that created the world. Within it contained all of human history, from beginning to end. The book was kept in a dimension known as Wonder World, a placed based on the legends and fables of our time throughout history.

5 people stumbled onto this world. 3 of them got tempted by the book’s power and became the Megid, one of them became Wonder World’s guardian, and the last became the leader of a sect of swordsmen and swordswomen. These knights carry with them the sacred Seiken in order to become Kamen Riders in order to fight against the Megid and protect the holy book. This war has lasted for 2000 years, and continues to do so.

“I’m the damaged looking guy watching this show and you’re the kid”

Centuries later, a town was attacked by the Megid and distorted into Wonder World. A young boy desperately tried to save a young girl from being pulled into a blank book from but watches as he fails. A rogue, purple knight lead the fray, slaying all in his path. The boy witnessed in terror until an older man, wielding a crimson blade, tell him that hope lies beyond any resolve. The man then drove his blade into the ground, causing a large explosion that consumed everything in fire. The boy woke up to see the town had returned to normal, as if nothing happened. He surveyed his surroundings in confusion, realizing a red book with a dragon on the cover layed in his hands.

Part 1: The Amnesiac Gains A Sword

A rare look at a writer in his natural habitat, actually getting sh!t written down

In the present, we are introduced to Tassel, who will be the narrator show, as he observes the events unfold. Touma is now a young adult in his own bookstore: Fantastic Kamiyama. He’s a famous novelist with a best seller, Lost Memory, already out. However, he has no memory of his past, only seeing them as a dream he’s unsure about. The only thing he knows is that he makes promises he keeps, and the only physical remnant is the strange red book.

The Megid generals decide it is time to enact their plans once again. Legeiel, lord of the Phantom Beasts, uses the Golem Megid to send the town Touma lives in into Wonder World as his plan to “rewrite it.” Rintaro, a mysterious man with a blue sword, watches in horror before entering the book-like dome. Touma and Mei, his personal editor, try to find a kid’s parents, stumbling around until they meet the monster. Every building becomes what they looked like in Touma’s dream. He tries to take the book from the Megid but, as Rintaro watches, he’s crushed by debris.

“Dragon Power! Red Ran-wrong series.” Image from Kamen Rider Fandom

Miraculously, the Brave Dragon book saves Touma and releases Rekka, the flaming sword fro the dream, from its hiding place, just like the prophecy Rintaro heard from his guild master. With Rekka in hand, Touma becomes the new Saber and defeats the Megid.

Part 2: The Lion, The Turtle, and The Pretty Boy

“Look, the Eternal Truth is above them! I can finally leave!”

Calibur, the dark knight, looks out a window as he comments that the other knights will now come in droves. As Touma returns home, Rintaro greets him and Mei on his lion. He asks for the book and sword back, but Mei criticizes him for having bare feet inside. Rintaro gets off and returns the lion, before telling Touma that he’s from the Sword of Logos. He wants him to return Brave Dragon and Rekka, but Touma declines. Rintaro, genuinely stunted, tries to reason with him before getting a call. Afterwards, he takes Touma, not Mei, to SOL through a Book Gate formed in what I think is Touma’s closet.

Touma enters the Southern Base and is welcomed by a mysterious woman named Sophia, who acts as head of the base and guardian of the organization’s many books. She explains the function of SOL to Touma, as a guild meant to protect the Almighty book from those who would use it for evil. She explains that those chosen by the sword wield the name “Kamen Rider.”

Rintaro then explains about Calibur and the Megid, the former a traitor to the guild who mysteriously decided to work with their enemy. His stresses to Touma how dangerous this path is. The novelist contemplates what he’s learned the night later but sticks with it the next day when part of the stolen city hasn’t returned yet. Both riders face against the Ant and Grasshopper Megid, where Rintaro transforms into Blades in order to show Touma the ropes. The two fail to find the culprit Megid the first time, causing the area to become more distorted and dangerous. Despite this, Touma still goes, gaining his bike, Diago Speedy, and his first Wonder Rider form, Jakun Dragon, in order to destroy the Megid. 

“Finally! Someone in the writing staff didn’t have a sh!tty father!”

Back at his store, Touma is greeted by Kento, a long-lost friend who knows about his past. Touma barely remembers him. Things are cut short when Touma and Rintaro are sent to another stolen city, when they’re greeted by a new rider: Buster. He is the land swordsmen, but also a father to Sora. They return to the store, where Ryo leaves his son in the care of the flame swordsman. At SOL, Ryo explains his findings on Calibur, though inputting that he does not have a good impression of Touma due to essentially being a weirdo (that’s really it. I legit can’t elaborate beyond that). Though, he’s informed by Daishinji that he was there during the war 15 years ago, concluding that’s the reason Rekka chose him.

Back at Touma’s store, Touma makes a promise to Sora that he’ll learn to love books. Mei takes him on a walk but loses him when the boy falls into the trap of the Salamander Megid. Touma is forced to tell a raging Ryo the bad news, to which Ryo’s opinion of him worsens. The 3 riders arrive to Wonder World, though Ryo goes on his own. Touma and Rintaro fight the Megid but struggle when its slimy body forces their blades to slide off. They throw everything at it until Ryo comes in, pulls off his finisher, cuts the Megid in half, and then walks away. As this happens, events occur in the background. Kento contemplates on the war 15 years prior. Sophia understands his feelings as, totally a spoiler alert, Calibur was Kento’s father. At the Megid’s base, Calibur mutters to himself that Avalon is within reach. Returning to the battlefield, the riders question why the section of the city hasn’t returned despite the Megid’s cleavage.

As Ryo becomes more frustrated with Touma and the current situation, Kento does his best to explain to him of Touma’s past and why he makes promises. He gives him a wonder ride book, hoping Ryo will put his faith in his friend. Meanwhile, Touma figures out that the Salamander has the ability regenerate, explaining why the city hasn’t returned to Wonder World, when Ryo confronts him on his promises. Touma explains he doesn’t know why he makes promises but knows that they and his new-found powers will help people.

While the three leave, Mei finds the same blank book in her bag that took Sora and other people. She opens it hoping to find the boy, getting whisked away. At the same time, Calibur releases the Chimerra Megid Desast, the murderer of the previous Espada and Kenzan, in order to intercept the knights. Ryo fights Desast, giving Touma Kento’s book with the condition that he must bring back his son. The two knights find Sora when Mei shoots a bunch of fireworks as a beacon. They henshin when the Megid, upgraded, arrives to fight. Because their swords slide right off, Saber borrows Blades’ Peter Fantatista to become his 3 book Wonder Rider: Saber Trinity (I refuse to call it Dragon Hedgehog Fantatista).

“I am hilarious, and you quote everything I say”

Saber destroys the Megid and impresses Sora enough to read books, while Ryo gets both a draw from Desast and the red book the Megid had on them. Saber and Blades go to leave, when Calibur, wanting Touma out of this conflict, demands Rekka and Brave Dragon. He easily beats the two, but a golden rider arrives just in time to send the rogue deeper into Wonder World.

“Hmm, I guess Breath of the Wild is on the menu.”

As Touma recounts everything that’s happened to him, questioning the motives of Calibur and the power of the books, a flashback scene occurs. In it, Touma informs the base the conflict that happened last episode, bringing up the question why Calibur wants Rekka and Brave Dragon. He’s then scolded by the blacksmith Daishinji for using a 3 book Wonder Rider so early in his career, noting that he made Rekka “weep.” As Daishinji analyzes the sword, Sophia sends Rintaro to research exactly what the bubbles are when Wonder World appears, Ryo to solve the mystery of Calibur, and Kento to guard the city. The point of the flashback is to establish Kento’s strange behavior, as Touma interaction with him exposes that he was zoned out the whole time.

Kento discusses the matter of his father with Ryo. The old man tries to tell Kento none of it was his fault, yet the boy can’t help but feel sorry for all the books and swordsmen lives Hayato took. Ryo doesn’t understand it either, wondering why such a good friend would do it. Kento later sits on top of a building, reminiscing the time his father was still a good man. The way Hayato rubs his ear haunts Kento to where he mimics the motion. Touma confronts him through a story the two of them read together, Huckleberry Finn, but Kento remains silent on the matter.

“Everything I see is in yellow, yet why is my piss brown…oh no.”

The two then intercept a loose Pirahna Megid, which is attacking a nearby boat. Kento and Touma transform, when Calibur arrives to attack Saber. Just then, Rekka, Kurayami, and their draconic books suddenly resonate together. Before Saber has any time to process what just happened, Espada pushes him out of the way to face his father. Saber is forced to fight and destroy the Megid on his own. Espada tries to get answers from his father, but he tells his son he has no quarrel with him. Before Calibur could finish the duel, Buster arrives and throw’s the traitor’s attack back. The purple knight retreats in the chaos. Touma runs in as Ryo scolds Kento for disregarding his duty as a Rider for the selfish act of facing his father alone. Kento leaves without a word.

“Hey Jin from Zero One, someone trying to steal your due!”

Calibur goes to return to the base, realizing that the powers of Saber are a key to Avalon, when Storious confronts him about this. Kento returns to the same building top when he and Ryo have a pseudo-father and son moment. Kento apologizes for earlier. When Ryo asks Kento if he’ll ever clue Touma in, Kento believes that he shouldn’t and that he should protect Touma from the truth so he won’t lose anyone else. Ryo asks if Touma is weak enough for Kento to protect. Ryo leaves it at that, laughing at how stubborn he is like his father.

Touma, receiving Storm Eagle from Ryo, confronts Kento again at the store. Kento sees the pop-up book he and Touma owned, where Touma admits to Kento how much he remembers nothing. Touma wants to know about his past. Kento has a flashback of his perspective of Touma’s dream, where watches his father commit the heinous deeds he did. Kento asks Touma if there’s anything he needs to say, to which Touma drops the subject in order to devise a plan against this Megid. The two riders find the monster, learning there were two of them, where they defeat them as Espada’s Lamp Do Alangina and Saber’s Two Combo Dragon Eagle. Kento advises Touma that, once their memories are back, they need to talk.

Part 3: The Wind Has Arrived and The Path to Avalon Has Opened

As Rintaro and Mei walk around the city, they’re attacked by Desast and later Zoous in his beast form. Meanwhile, Touma and Kento arrive back to the base to meet Ren, the wind swordsman, who immediately picks a fight with Touma. Kento is sent to help Blades, while Touma stays behind to read the books of the base for any clues on what Wonder Ride Books. As he finds a clue that may relate to him and Calibur, Ren barges in. He tries tells him that knowledge is important, but the young knight tells him that nothing matters besides strength. The two duel for a Wonder Ride Book, whoever gets one hit on each wins, when Kento calls for backup. Touma technically wins the duel by using the call as a distraction, so he arrives with the help of a new book: Kobuta 3 Kyoudai.

“Alright everybody who’s watched this. Your faaaavorite character is here!”

Kento gets distracted when the Pirahna Megid returns to wreak havoc. Touma arrives but Desast surprise attacks him. The two switch places. Just as Touma destroys the Megid using Dragon Eagle Kyoudai, Storious ambushes him and seals access to his transformation. He also loses Storm Eagle to Desast.

“I think I pissed off the fans.”

It turns out that Storious had put a seal on Rekka. While Ren pokes fun at Touma’s failure, Daishinji states the only way for him to remove the seal is possibly in the dormant power within Avalon, though no swordsman has ever found it. Because Touma needs to stay in order to find Avalon, he puts his bet to use as he instructs Ren to help Kento in his stead.

Ren and Kento find the Megid, when they’re attacked by Desast. Ren fights Desast while Kento fights the Megid. Both Touma and Calibur find their way towards Avalon. While Calibur is aided by Storious, who knows of a way to Avalon, Touma’s research for the path goes nowhere. That is until he tricks Daishinji to reveal where the Forbidden books of the base are. They not only reveal an ancient sword technique, but also that he and Calibur really were the key to Avalon. With his work done, Touma realizes Daishinji is “Slash,” the nickname Sophia gave him.

“Hey, want a really boring friendship arc where everyone loves me by the end?
“You son of a b!tch, I’m in!”

Meanwhile, Ren is able to defeat Desast and get Storm Eagle back, while Espada manages to destroy the Megid with his Two Book Combo: Lamp Do Hedgehog. Also meanwhile, Rintaro duels with Zoous alone, not wanting Mei to call back up. Zoous reveals that he killed Blades’ master in order to break the calm knight. No matter how hard Rintaro tries, he loses and is humiliated by the king. Just as Touma is about to prepare for his trip to Avalon, Rintaro silently enters the base, taking a new blue book and going into the SOL training ground, Liberation by himself. The others try to talk to him to no avail.

Touma proceeds with his trek to Avalon, figuring out that Avalon is a separate dimension within the chasm of time. To arrive there, they’ll need 13 Wonder Ride Books and a swordsman who will perform the rite with their sword. Both Kento and Calibur, who has his own set of 13 Alter Ride Books, perform the rite that opens the doorway to Avalon. Kento goes with Touma, as they all know Calibur will wait for them.

Rintaro trains hard within Liberation, which its time-space warping effect takes a toll on his already badly broken body. He remembers a memory of his master’s training him before standing up to henshin into his Wonder Combo, a new form using all three of Blades’ blue books. Ryo and Ren arrive at a location where a Megid was detected. Suddenly, three points get sent to Wonder World. They witness this new Megid, the Medusa Megid, turn people to stone. As Buster and Kenzan fight it, all 3 Megid generals and Desast appear to corner them. The riders try to fight back, but yield when Storious uses Mei as a hostage.

Touma and Kento exit from a distortion into the Sands of Avalon (idk, I just give these places names.), where a bright light shows the way to the dormant power. However, they’re stopped when Calibur, his face obscured by the rays of the setting sun, intercepts them. He transforms and goes after Touma, but Kento takes the duel instead. Touma leaves but he goes back for Kento instead. The two ride towards the bright sky with Calibur in tow.

“I see you are hindering me on my quest for Gravure. You may challenge me, but don’t be surprised when you wake in the fires of hell!”

As Zoous, unimpressed by Storious’ trickery, tries to eat Mei, Rintaro arrives to save her. She’s become smitten by him, though she has to leave so that he can focus on becoming his Wonder Combo, Fantastic Lion, and defeats the Megid.

“Unlike blue rangers, I make this sh!t look sexy”

Touma and Kento arrive at the sight of the great power when Calibur performs a master flank (courtesy of Zanny). Just before Touma could defend himself, both Brave Dragon and Jaaku Dragon escape their books and open the path. Calibur attempts for it, but Kento stalls him long enough for Touma to run inside. In a dimension of pure light, the novelist meets a strange man wearing a cloak. He demands to know where the power is, but the man tells him not to seek it. No matter how much Touma yells his situation, the man will not give him a straight answer. Just then, Touma figures it out. Closing his eyes, he feels the presence of the power and grabs it. The book turns out to be King of Arthur.

Touma gets taken to a cave where a large ghost attack him as part of his trial. Using his new power, he breaks the spell and achieves his strongest Wonder Rider: Dragon Arthur. With a new blade, he destroys the ghost. After this trial, Touma is gifted another book, one that’s large but blank, as a new test. The man tells him he’ll need it soon before Touma is sent back out. He runs into a badly wounded Kento, helping him up as they escape through chasm in time.

“Oh god, someone put the fire out! Director? Director!”

Calibur returns empty-handed, but Storious tells him there may be another way. Touma returns with his spoils, giving the silver book to Daishinji for analysis. He admits to being afraid of his new found power, but those fears are pushed aside when duty calls. While one area returned, two more are still in Wonder World. As they intercept to save Bravo and Gridon from KR Gaim (I’m not kidding), Calibur strikes at Saber to get Arthur for himself. Suddenly, another Medusa Megid arrives. Touma realizes that the myth they’re based on had 3 Medusa sisters. As the second goes to attack Saber, Buster takes the hit and becomes stone (f#cking ironic). Despite Saber trying to get revenge, he ends up failing enough for Rintaro to save him for a retreat.

Touma and the others are forced to tell Sora the news. Though he feels sorry, the little boy tells him that his father will be okay and to not worry. Invigorated, Touma writes a story that’ll help them succeed. As the other knights go to get Ryo back, Touma arrives with his plan.

Cornered once again by Calibur and the Megid, now including Legeiel, Saber’s plan goes into action. He combined his storytelling skills with tactician skills in order to win the day. Espada and Kenzan go against Calibur because of their synergy, Blades fights Legeiel since he’s proved capable enough to go one on one with a Megid general in his Wonder Combo form, and Saber takes on both Medusa Megid so the others can deal with their more seasoned foes.

“As if the Sentai parallels weren’t already apparent”

Because of his trust in others, Saber fully unlocks Arthur’s power in the form of a giant mecha. This is used against the Medusa Megid, who turns giant. In the process, Saber becomes the mecha’s sword in order to destroy both the monster and its summoned meteor. With the Megid gone, Buster and everyone else returns to normal.

Part 4: Calibur’s Resolve and Identity Revealed

Calibur, failing once again, decides to look at a photo to reminisce the good old days. In it has himself, Sophia… and Daichi, the previous Saber. He’s then approached by Storious about creating a new book, utilizing Jaaku Dragon, three Alter Ride Books, and three Wonder Ride Books. To create a distraction for him, Storious uses the Duckling Megid to stir trouble. However, the other generals confront him about having ulterior motives, though Storious reassures them of his goal.

Sophia, now questioning Calibur’s motives, asks Ryo if he’s found anything new. Ryo’s got nothing, but he wonders why he’s so focused on Touma. He and Ren are sent to investigate the Megid further, while the 3 knights go on their own. The Duckling Megid splits into 8 to attack the city.

While they fight, Calibur gets the upper hand on them through Zanny’s teachings since Touma, earlier, left Arthur behind for Daishinji to study. As Saber fights him, Calibur states how everything is not what it seems and that he is seeking the eternal truth. All of them attack, but they’re absorbed by the dark sword and sent back, allowing Calibur to constrain them using a new technique. He takes Rintaro and Kento’s auxiliary Wonder Ride Books but is stopped when Daishinji arrives.

“Yes Calibur, only go for their auxiliary books. I’m sure leaving them with the ability to still transform won’t hinder you in any possible way.”
“So, how are we gonna end the fight with the monster?”

While this goes on, a mysterious woman, tasked by Master Logos, arrives at the base to ask about Touma. When Sophia notices what Calibur says, she leaves Mei to watch over the base and this new woman. One of the Duck Megid, who was invisible, goes to attack but Daishinji utilizes his sensitive hearing to dodge and counter. This power is directly tied to him being the sound swordsman, whereas he reveals his sword, Suzune, and transforms in Slash. 

As Slash fights, he uses his powers to free the 3 from their constraints. He gives Arthur back, so Touma has a chance to stand against Calibur. His attacks drop a Wonder Ride Book out of Calibur’s hand, one that he has been using for a while: Saiyuu Journey. Considering it’s a red book, Saber uses it to achieve his Wonder Combo: Crimson Dragon. With this, he finally gets the upper hand of Calibur, but the rogue still escapes.

“No one will get those pics on my watch.”

Calibur gives Storious the books, but it isn’t enough to create this new power. So Calibur leaves to gain more, while Storious upgrades the Duck Megid into the Swan Megid. As Touma plans with the others, figuring that Kurayami might absorb attacks, he questions what Calibur means by “the eternal truth.” Kento ponders to himself why his father is so fixated on him, when Mei comes in with the mysterious woman.

“Cool, can I ask about my Amazon package? I ordered it 2 weeks ago, but they keep saying it can’t make it to my location. I swear to the book I put the right address that the lady at the front desk gave me. Let me read it. I have ‘0962020 Sword of Logos Ave, Southern Pole, 08291.’ Like, what the hell? I keep bring it up it up to Master Logos, but he always dodges my questions. It’s bad enough my father sucks, now I can’t even get my hair gel! I won’t stand for it!”

This woman, who reveals herself to be a messenger from the Southern Base, tells Kento of their concern about the situation. As it stands, Touma is the only one who may have a chance of defeating the traitor. To mediate this, she gives Kento the last book he needs to achieve his own Wonder Combo: Tri Cerberus.

Returning to the others, Rintaro elaborates to Touma that SOL has two bases with their own set of knights. Before Kento leaves on his own, Touma confronts him about to demand what he’s hiding since his memory is slowly being complete. Rintaro asks as well, but they receive no answers. After a while, standing on the rooftop, Kento caves in and explains to his responsibility to defeat Calibur. But he admits that he may have been reckless after all. The three, with their swords touching each other, promise to defeat Calibur as a team this time. Mei is also a part of the promise, but she didn’t have a sword to seal the deal (don’t get you hopes up).

“Go go, Kamen Riders! You mighty henshin Kamen Riders!”

The 3 find the Swan Megid and fight it until Calibur arrives. Slash comes in to handle the Megid, tasking them to taking him down. The fight allows Rintaro and Kento to get back their stolen books, allowing all 3 to transform into their Wonder Combo forms: Crimson Dragon, Fantastic Lion, and Golden Alangina. Though they get close to defeating Calibur, Storious comes out of nowhere for a surprise attack, deforming all four of them. Everyone watches in horror as Calibur is revealed to be the previous flame swordsman, Daichi Kamajiro. 

Kento questions why and how Daichi is Calibur, accusing him that he framed his father. Daichi tells him that his father was, indeed, a traitor. Kento accuses him of murder before transforming, but Daichi easily bodies the boy. Just as he leaves, Touma demands Kento to be straight with him. Just then, he realizes Kento was the boy that he and the girl hanged out with in the past. Before Touma can get an answer, Kento leaves.

“I have accepted the darkness…I have accepted my favorite Gravure model.”

Part 5: Kento’s Resolve and The Tyrant Dragon Appears

Kento, now more determined and arrogant than ever, tries to go on his own to confront Daichi. Rintaro demands him to stop, saying that this illogical, emotional stunt is not how a swordsman should act. If he does not stop, Kento must return Ikazuchi. Kento leaves, stating he’ll return it when he gets answers. At the same time, Daichi returns to the base, revealed that his new book, Jaou Dragon, was complete during the fight. He leaves on his own as the Megid make their first major move for the Almighty Book. Legeiel, leading the charge, summons 8 Goblin Megid to attack the city.

“If you try to stop Daichi, you may see things no 12 year old should see. You must resist temptation!”

Kenzan, Saber, and Slash intercept as people become turned into…floor ink? Ryo tries, but a duel hungry Desast intercepts him. Rintaro follows Kento to stop him but is yelled, asked how he couldn’t possibly understand his situation. Rintaro bluntly states he doesn’t because he never had a real family. He was an orphan when the organization took him in. Kento tells him that’s his story before leaving him dry. He suddenly gets a call from the messenger, who informs him that Sophia is currently talking with Daichi under the bridge.

Sophia, surprised by this new revelation, asks Daichi why he’s become Calibur when he was such a proud and just person. He tells her like he tells Touma, that he gave up everything to find the eternal truth. Before she could ask, Kento arrives. He suddenly accuses her of working with Daichi this whole time; that the guild made it look as though his father was a traitor. Kento and Daichi transform. Daichi tells Kento that he killed Hayato like the traitor he was. He doesn’t see himself like Hayato, but a seeker of the truth. Kento loses it, pulling out all the stuff to beat Daichi down. Daichi acknowledges Kento’s strength by going all out himself, revealing his final form: Jaou Dragon. He easily beats Kento, but Rintaro takes the final blow instead. As Sophia watches, a mysterious fog captures her from behind.


Touma and Ren both destroy a Goblin Megid, which summons a pillar of light. As Touma watches, the Bremen book Daishinji gave him reveals the face of Kento in his memory. Kento returns to the base with a wounded Rintaro, leaving him on the bed to recover. As Ryo is informed of everything that has gone on, Mei scolds Kento for his recklessness. Ryo calms her down, but he does side with her arguments.

With Sophia gone, the knights plan their move on their as the same turn of events 15 years ago are repeating themselves. Ryo takes charge, telling them that saving lives is top priority. As they leave, Ryo leaves Ren in charge of Kento. However, just before Touma leaves, he stops Kento. Asking if he’s alright, Touma overhears Kento’s muttering that he’s returning to the place where they made their promise. Kento stops by Rintaro’s bed, admitting to the responsibility he’s felt since he heard of his father’s betrayal. He makes a promise to end all of this, leaving without knowing Rintaro overheard everything.

“Yes, into the world of the Skittles.”

The knights arrive, but Touma is intercepted by Zoous and Storious so the other can kill their respective Megid. Meanwhile, as Daichi stands at the epicenter of his plan, Kento arrives. He explains that this was the place he, Touma, and Luna (the girl in Touma’s memory) made their promise. He declares to Daichi that this is where he finishes things.

As Touma struggles against the Megid, Rintaro arrives to take his place. He tells him of Kento’s plan, revealing the name of Luna to him. Everything hits Touma like a truck as he goes to help Kento. Before Rintaro has a chance, the Megid.

“Touma…I saw what Rintaro warned me…I know customs be different but why in a show for 12 and up. I’m not complaining but…why…”

As the rest of the knights destroy their Megid, Touma rides as fast as he can to Kento. However…it’s too late. Jaou Dragon proved stronger than Kento’s conviction. Touma finds Kento viciously wounded on the ground. As he holds him, Touma reveals to Kento that he’s remembered everything, so Kento admits to everything. He asks Touma to make a promise to save Luna before going limp. As Touma screams his name, Tassel and the man from Avalon watch from the distance.

As it turned out, Kento did not die from his injuries…or will die at all. Per Daichi’s real motive, Kento is being consumed by Kurayami’s darkness. Before they can plan to get Daichi to spill how they can save him, the knights figure the pillars are based on their swords. Somehow, this will lead the Megid to their goal. They know that one last knight is needed to complete this ritual, and they, and the Megid, know Calibur will be the one to take Espada’s place.

“I can’t…no more pictures of you. Please…”

Daishinji stays behind to analyze the silver book as everyone finds Daichi. No matter how much they throw at him, Jaou Dragon proves too powerful of a form for them to defeat. Daichi reveals nothing can save Kento from the darkness. Before Calibur could seal Touma’s fate, Kento arrives to take the blow. As the knights tend to him, it is revealed that the blast was powerful enough for Daichi shoot two birds with one stone, finishing the ritual. The knights get sent out of Wonder World as a blank book appears, just like the one 15 years ago. 

Mei tends to Kento, who is quickly becoming consumed, and screams how close they are to losing him. They try their hardest but are all knocked down. But Touma still stands, determined to not lose Kento like he lost Luna. Just then, Brave Dragon, Rekka, and Luna somewhere far away, all resonate. Their energy is channeled to the silver book, which absorbs the pop-up book he’s had as a child. This silver book transforms into the Draconic Knight Wonder Rider book, allowing Touma to achieve his first official upgrade form. It easily tanks all of Daichi’s attacks and, after an air battle on Brave Dragon, he defeats Calibur and seals the blank book in fire.

“When you reject friendship power man.”

However, in the heat of combat, Touma didn’t Kurayami. The knights have to watch in horror as an aura of dark miasma surrounds Kento. As the others release their tears, Kento thanks them for finally freeing him of the torment he’s been carrying all this time, and for being the best friends he could ever have. Then, as he screams in pain, Kento is absorbed into Kurayami.

Final Part: The Eternal Truth is Revealed to the Silver Knight

Time passes, but the seal on the blank book is slowly fading away. The Megid standby to finally achieve their goal. Desast, on his own, finds Kurayami but doesn’t take it as the miasma surrounding the blade reveals itself as Daichi, who survived the attack.

Back at the base, everyone is in mourning over the loss of Kento. Touma reinvigorates everyone by reminding them of their promise to save the world. They make a plan to stop the Megid while Touma hands Buster and Ren two of Kento’s auxiliary books while he keeps both Lamp Do Alangina and Ikazuchi. Touma, Ren, and Ryo leave while Rintaro and Daishinji stay to watch over the progress of a new big book. They intercept Legeiel and Calibur, where Touma transforms into Lamp Do Dragon. Ren and Touma push back Calibur when Ryo, pushing back Legeiel, gets a crack at Daichi for why he betrayed the guild and why he didn’t come to anyone. Daichi refutes by saying he didn’t need them.

“And getting a crap ton of upgrades!”

Though the others are managing, Daishinji leaves to help them, putting Rintaro in charge of the big book’s progress. The Megid generals arrive when the blank book is freed from the flames, so Buster and Kenzan fight to allow Saber to advance towards Calibur.

“That’s what she said!”

The three struggle with the generals as they take the fight into a warehouse, so they give each other their auxiliary ride books to access their Wonder Ride form: Buster Genbu Rock Band fights Zoous, Kenzan Jackun Ninjaden fights Legeiel, and Slash 3 Little Kids fights Storious (I’m just going by the naming scheme. I don’t like Rider naming schemes as much as the next guy). As the book opens, various kids and people around Japan begin to see glimpses of Wonder World like illusions. As this goes on, Rintaro’s book is finally complete.

Saber and Calibur duel it out, with Calibur explaining that betrayal is just human nature. The 3 swordsmen and the generals take their fight to where Saber is, giving Calibur enough time to escape and enter the book. When all seems lost, Rintaro arrives onto the scene like a white knight to transform into his first upgrade form: King Lion Daisenki. He gives Saber King Arthur as he transforms into Crimson Dragon to fly into the book to give chase.

“She’s excited because she’s dating Metal Garurumon.”

Blades destroys one pillar of light while pushing back the generals. The knight demand answers to which everyone gets their answer. The eternal truth was the Almighty Book’s table of contents, which contains all information of the world’s timeline from beginning to end. With it, Calibur can bring more of the book’s pieces together in order to form a power akin to God. Saber, using Kingexcalibur, knocks him into the World of the Almighty Book to continue their fight. Saber, however, is told of the possibility that someone else made the world and that everything has already been foretold. He leaves him with this knowledge as Touma’s pushed into the darkness that had absorbed his best friend.

“I’m so close to the Eternal Truth. The pits of hell may open for me, but that is the choice I have made. Now, en garde.”

Touma questions the legitimacy of this claim, if it’s possible that he never had a chance to save Kento. But, told by the spirit of Kento, Touma declares he’ll defeat fate. Before Daichi could take Ikazuchi and Rekka, Touma appears and grabs both. Before he could fight, Daichi explains to Touma what happened 15 years ago. Hayato was, in fact, a traitor of the guild, who took a girl named Luna to open the way to the Table of Contents. Daichi did slay Hayato in order to save Touma.

However, he learned that someone told his friend that this was the way to save the world, and he deduced that someone in the guild would have this knowledge. So, Daichi seals Rekka away and takes Kurayami to become Calibur. He never intended to kill Kento, knowing the darkness would seal him, and he tried his best to take Rekka from Touma so he would not become involved. If the table of contents has the beginning and the end, then it will have the name of the person who corrupted Hayato.

Meanwhile, Rintaro and the swordsman struggle to fight as they’re told that destroying the pillars and closing the book will seal Touma within forever. It takes Mei’s confidence that he’ll return, and her tough attitude towards the swordsmen, that invigorates them to continue their duty. Rintaro completes his task of destroying the pillars without doubt.

“When you and the boys about to look up Gravure pictures.”

Touma still fights Daichi, telling him he didn’t need to do this all alone and that he didn’t need to hurt so many to achieve this goal. The two have an all-out duel, taking both of them towards the sky on their respective dragon. Touma, as Draconic Knight, gets the upper hand using both sacred swords, delivering one final slash that finally defeats Daichi for good. 

“Not gonna lie, this is the most stunning backdrop I’ve seen in Kamen Rider.”

Badly wounded, Daichi tells Touma to take his stead. There truly is a traitor within the guild, and that person’s defeat may be the key to saving the world and finding Luna. He warns Touma that he may lose his friendships on this dangerous road. Just then, he’s stabbed in the back. His falling body revealing the culprit to be Desast, who did so to take his Alter Ride book in order to be free. Touma runs to Daichi’s side, who laments about the deeds he’s caused. He entrusts Kurayami to him before he dies. This does not happen as the smog that took Sophia takes both the sword and the Dark Dragon collection.

“And thus ends the arc of No Nut November.”

The swordsman watch as the book slowly closes and the world Touma’s in burns away. When it seems like the impossible, he flies out of the book and back to his friends. With the book closed, the Megid leave with a failed plan. Touma stares at the sky, saying how they kept Kento’s promise. All while the Southern messenger watches from afar.

-End of Chapter One

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