Sonic Adventure Part 2: All’s Well That Ends Well


Sonic Adventure may be my favorite game of all time, but it does have a mixture of good and bad that makes it a 50/50 experience. Gameplay in the 6 heroes varies, with only 2 having awful gameplay and one just a tad lazy. Sonic, Knuckles, and Gamma have the best gameplay, and Super Sonic, while lacking some, is short and simple enough to not drag on. The story is the best part of each character. It’s engaging, its tense, its full of detail within the cutscenes and the world itself, and it gives character development and growth that allows each (except Big) to feel like a stronger and well-thought out person. The antagonists are threatening, yet fit the cartoon nature of the world, and the lore is well executed enough to make the finale emotional and satisfying.

“Honestly, no matter the flaws, I truly love this game. If only I had a dang Dreamcast.”

The soundtrack is incredible and has stood the test of time when graphics haven’t. From Speed Highway to Egg Carrier, each track fits well with the scene or level they are placed in but also pump you up. Each character theme is impressive, truly representing the characters.

The gameplay in other areas don’t, unfortunately, hold up on their own compared to the main campaign. Some are alright but others are painfully bad.

For a score, I have to give Sonic Adventure a 7/10. Great story, great soundtrack, but it fumbles with some of the main campaign and the extra content it has. I still highly recommend Sonic Adventure to anyone who hasn’t played it yet. It may not stand tall with other contenders now a days, but I think its a unique experience worth checking out. I have the DX version, which is what I played for the most part. But, if you don’t have a Dreamcast or Gamecube, I say check out the Steam version with the Dreamcast graphics patch.

Any who, I hope to not take too long with a post again. Sometimes, taking your sweet time may bring better quality, but damn does it hurt the soul. Have a fantastic summer and I hope to see you again.

-Samuel Argueta

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(Update: I decided that, because my book isn’t really done yet and still needs work to be done, I have removed the book section on the main page until I have something ready. I have to own up that I can’t market what isn’t done, so they will return when I feel confident and ready to market it. This is still going to be an author’s website when the time comes, but for now this will be a blog for both reviews and short stories. I will still talk about writing and the process that I’m learning, but I’m going to hold back too much book talk that will end up giving undetermined promises)

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