Greetings good people of the world, and welcome to the blog section of my website. Since I am not an up and coming writer yet, and until I get my feet up into the business of it, this will be the most updated portion. I have never done a blog before, so everything is a work in progress. I am not nervous. Not at all.

What is this blog about?

Pop culture, various types of media, and nerdery all over. Alright, you can stand up from your nice couches for a round of applause now.

GIF by sri_18 via Tenor

Yeah, make those hands red. From video games, to movies, to shows, to even books, I’ll give my honest thoughts in review form about the things I like or dislike in these categories. Either well-known items or obscure ones I find on my own (Tubi is good for stuff like that). My writing will be as honest and humorous as I can get. I am not as professional and experienced as other websites or blogs that cover such media. But I give my typed words to deliver good quality to the best of my abilities.

This is the main focus of my blog for the majority, but at times I may write about other things that interest me. This includes my writing process, what I have learned or what I do to learn, and my personal list of favorite songs from artists, video games, and movies. P.S expect a lot of Gorillaz on that list.

My Policies:

Don’t worry, these are just policies on myself and blog. Don’t worry, there are no rules for you except for reading. Call Samuel Jackson if it otherwise happens.

For starters, I will not be political. I hate it, and you’d hate it too if I wrote about it. The only politics I will discuss is if it is integral to the themes and story of the particular media, such as the oh so crucial trade disputes of Star Wars, or my own theories and interpretations. Other than that, no 2020 politics here.

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As mentioned, I will be honest with my reviews while making the occasional joke. My focus is to get a little giggle or snicker out of you, but please tell me if I’m actual funny. Love it or hate it, I will be critical and fun about it. My system is basically a summary, a pros and cons, and a conclusion to finish. But do expect a rant here or there.

In terms of a schedule, things are hectic on my end. The best that I can say is expect something every Friday. With college, my book, and life itself in the good old 20s, things will be very jarring and I apologize in advance. Don’t be surprised if something comes early in the week or later into the weekend. But i will do my best. We all start somewhere, right?

Alright, now that I’m done delivering promises like a man at gunpoint, lets get into what should be coming out in the end of this month.

Things to Come:

For right now, I have a few things planned.

Image from the Earthbound Wikipedia Page via Wikipedia

The second post will be an overview of the Mother series, including game summaries and my personal experience with the series. Afterwards will be a review of Earthbound, or Mother 2, the game that out second but came out first over in America. Eat a cup of life noodles by then.

On Christmas Day, I will post a review of The Christmas Elves(1995), a movie that I didn’t initially plan to review until I watched it on Tubi. The movie is so obscure that the IMBD page is like a barren wasteland (Btw check out the site. Really enjoy their trivia pages).

Image from Metal Arms Wikipedia via Wikipedia

Finally, expect a review of one of my childhood favorites, Metal Arms: Glitch in the System, a game that doesn’t have a trivia page on the Did You Know Gaming? site. I should know because I actually procrastinated creating this website just to find it. I’ll probably make a request.

Until then, thank you and welcome to my blog out of a million. Get cozy, drink your favorite drink, and let’s ride out the end of the year until the eventual meteor comes for us. See you then,

-Samuel Argueta

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