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The Story Cantina

Grab a mug of your favorite drink and relax your gut on the couch. From short stories to screenplays, read to your heart’s content and escape the troubling world into a new one.

Works in Progress

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Once I’m in a better position to turn this to an actual author’s website, I’ll update this page and where I am with it. So…see you in 8 months

Story Cantina

Check out a story I created as part of a Fairytale (I call them Wonder Tales) class in college, based heavily on Fleetwood Mac. I had a phase okay…and no, cranberries weren’t involved.

“Humor is just another defense against the Universe”

-Mel Brooks

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Learn more about the guy behind the keyboard with the cramped hands sitting potentially in the middle of the night. Sorry, lost focus there.

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